New letterpress print shop at Fishermen?s Terminal

Posted on November 29th, 2014 by Sara

Constellation & Co., a local letterpress stationery company, recently relocated from Pioneer Square to a storefront space in Fishermen?s Terminal.?Owners (and Magnolia residents) Brad and Sara McNally say?Constellation & Co. is inspired by conviction, craftsmanship, and community:

We love to make beautiful things, but our inmost desire is to facilitate meaningful connections, to use the time-honored tradition of letterpress to bring people together.

We celebrate tailor-made over generic, heritage over novelty, and process over expediency. All of Constellation & Co.?s stationery products are printed on antique printing presses in our Fishermen?s Terminal shop. We use traditional print methods, hand setting wood and lead type one letter at a time.

Their?line of letterpress stationery is sold in the shop, online, and in more than forty independent boutiques around the country and in Canada.?They are passionate about local collaborations, and have worked on unique stationery products with Seattle Seed Co., Treehouse Point (of Animal Planet?s Treehouse Masters fame), Seattle Theatre Group, and others.

Constellation & Co offers three-hour letterpress workshops a few times a month. McNally says “Once you?ve seen the presses in action, it?s time to get your hands inky!”

They?have a large array of stationery, and a growing selection of vintage and gift items including art prints, jewelry, perfume, holiday decorations, and more:

“We?re here just in time for your holiday shopping! We?d love to meet you. Come by and say hello!”

Constellation & Co is at 1900 W. Nickerson St., Unit 101 (Next door to Chinook?s). Or you can find them here:

Instagram (Daily Life Around the Shop): @constellationco

Twitter: @constellationco


Shop Online:

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  1. magnolia nana says:

    Nice to see Fisherman’s Terminal is letting non-fishing companies locate at Fisherman’s Terminal. A few years ago they didn’t want any type of business that wasn’t fishing related. This might open up a whole new type of stores in the area.

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