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10 Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving


By reporter Steven Smalley
Perhaps you?ve noticed the new business in the space of the old Magnolia Tech Outlet next to Szmania?s Restaurant. Shaun Myrick operates his design studio there to bring a bit of interior fashion and home styling; including recipes, pet care, and lots more.?With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Shaun is sharing his favorite tricks for a great turkey day. He writes:
Getting the Thanksgiving meal prepared and served doesn’t need to be stressful.? Here are my favorite tried and true Thanksgiving tips to make your celebration fun, relaxed and stress-free.
1.? Be prepared.? Make a Thanksgiving Menu Bible.
2.? Don?t over set the table.? You need to make sure there is room for the food!
3.? Try not to make any dish that says,??serve immediately.?
4.? Make sure to have an appetizer or two.? This will keep your guests occupied while you finish cooking.? Also don?t have a guest bring the appetizers ? they may arrive be late and then no one will have time to enjoy.
5.? Ask for help where needed.?If your guests ask what can they bring, ask them to bring exactly what you need.
6.? Turkey is great and supposedly the star of the meal, but really the sides are where it?s at.? Don?t go crazy and get a huge turkey that will go to waste.
7.? Make sure you have enough cooking and serving dishes for what you are making and that everything you plan to cook can fit into your oven.
8.? Try a new recipe each year.? You can?t start new family traditions without trying something different.
9.? Set your table and have place cards so that everyone has a place.
10.? Have a give-away for your guests to take home. This shows that you really appreciate that they spent the holiday with you.
11. Bonus:? Check out my website?for more great party planning tips, ideas, recipes and more.
Shaun Myrick Design is located at 3315 W. McGraw Street, right in the heart of the Village.

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