The big melt

Magnolia Voice reader Kathy sent us these pictures and this report.

It is 35 degrees, melting, raining, windy, slushy and slick. These pretty much tell the story around The Village. Mad rush at Bartells for last minute shoppers, including me and I promptly got stuck in the parking lot in the slush. Dug out of the one, came home and made a run for the driveway, lost momentum and was then stuck hanging out into the street 2feet. Between shovel and kitty litter I cleared the driveway barely. This is worse than the snow/ compact snow. Next year I am going to Hawaii.


And from Magnolia Voice reader Ed, these pictures tell the tale from the area around Dravus Street.


Forecasters are calling this a classic melting pattern.? Now the questions is where will all the runoff from the melting snow go?? If you have a flat roof, get that heavy snow off and everyone should clear storm drains and downspouts.? The Seattle Times says the melt off wont be as bad as the storm in 1996 when many building collapsed in the downpour following the snow.

Thanks to Kathy and Ed for the great photos and stay dry out there!

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