September 13

Got Potholes? Mayor Announces Additional Funding to Fix Them

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by ?Queen Anne View?with Magnolia Voice

Sick of the potholes in our neighborhood?? Mayor McGinn has announced increased funding for basic road maintenance, including?more than?$5 million for street repairs and maintenance in the proposed 2013-2014 Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) budget.

SDOT crews have filled 39,398 potholes since the focus on pothole repair was intensified in 2011.? The city also launched an online pothole map to show pending requests, track repairs, and see completed fixes.

McGinn?s new budget will be formally introduced on September 24, with a final budget tentatively planned for approval in November.

In the meantime, if you know of a pothole that needs to be fixed (and we all know there are a ton in Magnolia, and more ready to pop up), report it ? you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised by the response.


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