A ?new? recycled bike shop for Interbay

Posted on July 28th, 2012 by Sara

Interbay has a new recycled bike shop. Sprocketts Recycled Bicycles (yes, with two t?s) specializes in recycled bikes from kids to cruisers. Owner Mike Benson, an avid rider himself, greets his customers with a smile- his goal is to get?them on exactly the right bike.? Sprocketts? bikes are 99% recycled and 1% new (meaning brake cables and inner tubes), and 10% of their profits go to local charities.?Located on Armory way between Whole Foods and the P-Patch,?they offer full-service repairs and fittings, for-sale spare parts, and a rotating selection of bikes that are waiting for a new home.
1600 West Armory Way


3 responses to “A ?new? recycled bike shop for Interbay”

  1. Gust says:

    do they buy bikes?

  2. Kueenb1028 says:

    My husband and I both bought our bikes at Sprocketts. ?We love our bikes and Mike was super helpful in getting us just the right fit. ?What a great local?business!?

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