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Wheeler St. closed for good


Wheeler Street Kitchen closed over the weekend.?The announcement was made on their Facebook page:

Thank you Magnolia & Beyond. So great being part of the community. Stay tuned for the exciting new venture in this space.

Carrie & Greg

Earlier this year MV wrote about the restaurant being for sale.?We will update as soon as more information becomes available.

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  1. I’m really sorry to see them go, I enjoyed the food and hospitality.? Best wishes to Carrie and Greg.

  2. Location. Location. Location.?

    Look how the Farmer’s Market blossomed when it moved out from the shadows of the community center to the main stage of McGraw. WSK was a good restaurant, but I fear the current Magnolia restaurant/retail scene is too sleepy to support tucked-away locations.

  3. I am disappointed by this! It was about the only place left for good food in Magnolia. It was clear something was wrong so I’m sorry they decided to close up but certainly wish them well.

  4. this is really sad. ?wheeler street was the best place in magnolia to go for a weekend lunch. ?i wish them all the best in their new adventures, and i hope the replacement restaurant is just as good.

  5. Wow, I’ll miss them.? I just ate there on Friday and had their amazing BLT with soup!

  6. i really enjoyed the food here.? the customer service was terrific as well.?

    that said, i hope that they reconsider their hours in whatever endeavor they go with next.? i found the menu to be perfect for a easy, light dinner, but they closed at… what, 7:30?? i don’t remember exactly, but i tried to got there a couple of times to find them closed for the night.

    i’d understand if they were downtown and totally working a lunch rush, but magnolia just doesn’t support that crowd.?

    best of luck guys.? i hope to taste your cooking again soon. ?

  7. Sad they are gone. This was the best restaurant in Magnolia. Yes, you don’t need extensive and elaborate menus when you focus on a few great items.

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