January 30

And the Dish ran away with the spoon. To Ballard.

Latest News in Magnolia



After 8 years in the village, Magnolia’s Dish it up is closing.? Their employees and?merchandise are moving to their Ballard Ave location.?Employee Linda McGillvray?said the building that houses Magnolia’s Dish it up is being sold, and the store “just doesn’t have the volume to keep up with expenses.” McGillvray was quick to?mention that nobody will lose their job in this consolidation.? She says?they will miss Magnolia and the friends they have made here, and that they hope their Magnolia customers will “cross the bridge to shop at the Ballard Ave store”.

Dish it up’s last day in the village is February 28th.? Classes will continue at the Magnolia location until mid-February.

Dish it up’s Ballard store is located at 5320 Ballard Avenue NW


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