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Seattle Pie is Moving


By reporter Steve Smalley

“We?re going to have the first floating pie company,” reveals Seattle Pie Company owner, Alyssa Lewis in an announcement to Magnolia Voice. A banner in the window Saturday was the first sign the area?s most delicious pie store is?moving to South Lake Union.?????

It seems Seattle Pie is running out of room and leaving the neighborhood, but not the pie business.? Here is their idea: Alyssa and her husband Patrick will offer their wonderful fruit, cream, and savory pies, plus Appassionato Coffee, from a vessel moored at a commercial dock on South Lake Union.??”Customers come on-board and order,” she says. “Like a food cart, but a boat cart.” There will be no cafe.

Seattle Pie Company sold retail slices and whole pies in the space next to Queen Margherita at 3111 West McGraw, and wholesale pies to major grocery stores around town including Metropolitan Markets, Town &?Country, Central Markets, PCC, IGA and Whole Foods. Pies will still be available at these stores.? The?Magnolia storefront?closed yesterday.? If you have gift certificates, Alyssa advises to hold onto them until the new place opens in May or June this year, or take them to Dan at The Mailbox in the Village and she will deliver pies there.? Alyssa and Patrick send their love to all in the Magnolia community and thank everyone for their support.?

Look for Alyssa?s new book, ?Pie-co-lo-gy? on Amazon and in local book stores this March.

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  1. I think this is a bad move.? Typically small businesses like this get a certain critical mass going and think that portends deep success for the future.? Their wholesale accounts at the grocery stores are giving them very small margins on their product, making one false move potentially fatal.?

    Many people believe that selling to grocery stores is a tremendous boon for a business, but ususally they end up a slave to the store, not the other way around.

    The advantage of Magnolia is its year round customer base, whereas slu has only seasonal potential – plus, an offshore location sounds special, but what about accessibility logistics for delivery of supplies, shipping out orders, utilities are certainly an issue, as well as the vessel itself.? I also wonder about permitting/zoning within a shoreline also for this type of operation.

    The land/vessel owner no doubt is playing up what a great thing this will be for the tenant, but a business owner owes it to themselves to be very wary of the deals they get themselves into.?

    1. Agreed. ?I like the owners and the pie and we visited often as part of a trip to the village. ?A special trip to a dock in Lake Union, though? ?Probably not going to happen. ?I really hope this pays off for them and wish them the best, but taking unnecessary risks in this market seems unwise.

    1. yeah — read between the lines here. A pie kitchen on a boat located in a place where there is no parking? C’mon.

  2. Meh.? It was fine pie, but more of an impulse purchase when I was running errands or shopping in the Village.? Nothing special-enough to make the trek to Lake Union for… pie (!?).? Should’ve stayed where they were, but whatever.

  3. Not to mention the cost and effort of a move.? “Grab the other end of that oven- would ya?”

  4. I don’t care what they do, I wish them luck. What I want, is a new business that comes to Magnolia and can offer good food and a decent wine list. Why or why is this so hard. Please don’t tell me to go to Szmania’s or the Pub.

  5. So sorry to see them go! Enjoyed having them right down the street, but wish them best of luck in their new location!

  6. So sorry to see them go! Enjoyed having them right down the street, but wish them best of luck in their new location!

  7. My first clue was a sign in the window stating they no longer accept credit cards or debit cards. Then hearing they were moving to Lake Union I figured it was to get the lunch crowd from the various businesses nearby. Maybe some during summer but I doubt winter will be so kind. I too wish them luck but won’t be driving there for a piece of pie.

  8. Don’t know why Magnolia Village can’t seem to get its act together. I keep waiting for it to turn the corner. Thought the arrival of Menchie’s was a good sign. But then Dish It Up! decamps, followed by Seattle Pie Co.?

    At least we’re right next to Ballard, which has a burgeoning retail scene.

  9. Seattle Pie is officially gone! I work for a local grocery store and got this email from Patrick and Lyss last week:

    Say Goodbye to Seattle Pie!
    Hello Friends & Business Associates,
    Thank you for supporting the Seattle Pie Company. We regret to inform you that we are retiring Seattle Pie Co from wholesale. We are moving the business with us, as our family has moved out of the Seattle area.This decision was based on personal reasons that support our family?s quality of life with our young children.We will miss interacting with all of you.?Our Best,?Lyss, Patrick, Luke, Owen & Nola

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