January 4

New restaurant in Magnolia

Latest News in Magnolia


There?s a new Chinese Restaurant in the neighborhood offering Cantonese and Mandarin cuisine.  Hung De Asian Cuisine is now open in the location of the former BBQ restaurant on Magnolia?s east side at 2809 Thorndyke Ave. W.

The owner and chef, who goes by Tony,  grew up in China and has been in this country for over 10 years cooking most recently at a take-out establishment in the north end.  The menu features General Tso?s chicken, Mongolian Beef, and Singapore-style noodles in a modest facility with a few stools and a counter.  They also do take out.  Entrees run $7.95 for chicken fried rice; $11.95 for the seafood dish, Happy Family; and $12.95 for Tony?s favorite, Honey Walnut Prawns. Most entrees cost about $9.00.  Hung De also handles party menus for 10-20 people with just a phone call.

The restaurant is now open daily from 11a.m. to 9p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Thanks to Steven Smalley for the photos and tip!


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