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Order your Magnolia Manor OLA T-shirts today!


Magnolia Manor?Off Leash Area recently had a contest to create a logo for a tee shirt that would not only help raise funds for the OLA, but also allow people to show their support for the OLA while out and about in the community.

The winning logo was from Josh and his sweet dog Ayla.? It highlights the great view?of the park as well as the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders colors.? (The Mariners were kind enough to donate tickets for a prize.)? As the public hearing for making the OLA permanent is just around the corner (date TBD),?they would like everyone who attends to show their support in OLA tees.

The? shirts come in both a ladies V-neck and a unisex crew neck–something for everyone!? The tees cost $17, Or you can make a donation online?to the Magnolia Manor OLA.

The deadline to order shirts is?9pm, June 7th.

Click here to order.


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  1. Since the dog park’s arrival, the neighbors have seen quite an uptick in disturbance of the peace with late night shouting and crime. If the park becomes permanent, it really should come with random and regular police patrols to keep down the unlawful behavior.

  2. The dog park has brought us early morning loud barking, “yappy hour” loud barking, late night loud barking, and dog poop both bagged and unbagged. At the same time it has taken away open space to play and walk. I’d rather not buy a t-shirt to commemorate any of that!

    1. I totally agree. I love my dog and would never take her to a feces infested place to play. I never donated to this park. I knew this would be a real irritation for the neighbors, and you can see that several provide bags for what the public considers an extension of the park… using the neighboring houses for toileting. Dogs are happy with long walks, and owners benefit themselves with long walks, both in terms of their health and weight. So much money and work that really make no difference foir the dogs, and a great difference for the poor neighbors.

  3. Agreed! We pay high rates to live in this (formerly-peaceful) neighborhood, and have had a really severe downgrade in our quality of life, all because of a very selfish minority. The people that come with their yapping, barking (and fighting) dogs at all hours of day AND night appear to have no concern for the residents flanking the park. They make loud noise for the duration of their “playtime” and expect us to just deal with the consequences. Now do the math: imagine this multiplied by MANY different visitors, all day and into the night–a constant reshuffling of people, cars, dogs, and types of noise–with all of the resultant commotion it carries with it. Many of us work at home and it’s an EVERY DAY irritation, becoming downright unbearable during peak hours. And it’s not uncommon to have this noise go well after midnight–sometimes at 2, 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning! Memorial Day Weekend was particularly awful–we couldn’t even enjoy relaxation on our own deck. Our daily attempts to call out at them to have some consideration for their neighbors has never worked for more than a minute or two. With the increased visibility and usage of the area, the crime rate around here has soared, and we have only ONE police officer assigned to cover all of Magnolia. So no amount of T-shirt campaigns and attempts at cute “branding” can mitigate the fact that this is a blight on our neighborhood. It’s been going on for well over 2 years and we have had more than enough?We wish the city would just come to its senses and shut it down.

    1. The local crime rate hasn’t soared. It hit a 5 year low in 2013. If anything, the opening of the park correlates with a statistical decrease in crime.

    2. Are you the crazy person who submitted that “letter”? Crime in Magnolia has gotten provably better. Seriously. Go look at the police stats. We have less property crime, fewer assaults, etc.

      The dogs in the park, unless you’re looking to be annoyed, are no more annoying than the dogs in people’s backyards. I’ve had more than one morning’s sleep ruined by screaming kids. We live near other people, it’s not reasonable to expect a perfectly quiet neighborhood at all times.

      As for the barking at all times, that’s simply not true. I walk my dog every single day near that park, usually around 9pm. Nearly every single night, it’s as quiet as can be.

      I think you’re just a cranky old fart who hates that anybody has any fun in a way that inconveniences you, however mildly. If you’re really THAT upset about some dogs and you’re making up crime and noise as a justification to shut it down, you are the one who needs to get over yourself, or move. And you’d better move to a 200 acre plot in eastern washington, because clearly you can’t deal with other people.

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