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Meeting planned on late evening transit service to Central Magnolia


The newly formed Magnolia Transit Riders Group is sponsoring a community meeting?Tuesday, January 15that kesperson James McIntosh says King County?Council Member?Larry Phillips or a representative has been invited, and Metro Supervisor of Service Planning, David Hull will be present.

The good news is that one additional late evening trip to and from Central Magnolia is scheduled to return with the February 16th Service Change. Buses will depart from Downtown and Central Magnolia at around . The Magnolia Transit Riders Group has drafted and collected signatures on a petition to King County Metro Transit requesting the restoration of late evening transit service to Central Magnolia and has thus far collected nearly 500 signatures. They want to give a resounding message to King County Metro that people in Magnolia support late evening transit service and people in Magnolia will ride more transit in the future, especially if that service is efficient and reliable.??The group has been told that Metro will be working on transit plans for Magnolia and Ballard and will engage residents in the planning process. This will be a chance for the public to provide input on improving overall transit and transit connections in the area.

The?meeting will involve short presentations from both the Magnolia Transit Riders Group and from King County Metro Transit and then there will be a question and answer session.The meeting is open to the general public.

Magnolia United Methodist Church, 2836 34th Ave. W.

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