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New ?supreme? seafood bistro coming to Magnolia


Magnolia’s Kent Chappelle has always wanted to open a restaurant. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest, loves sailing and has an affinity for our local seafood.

?I often have people come in from out of town and ask me to recommend a great seafood place, and I?ve always felt that Seattle is full of large waterfront seafood restaurants with spectacular views but communities such as Magnolia often lack the more intimate seafood bistros, and that concept would work really well here in the village.?

After spying an ad on Craigslist for Wheeler Street Kitchen, he knew he was on to something when he saw the small charming space with a gleaming full-featured kitchen. After completing a modest remodel, he plans to open ‘Tanglewood Supreme’ by the end of October.

?This is a contemporary neighborhood seafood bistro that has respect for tradition,? Chappelle says, “think ?relaxed dining environment with a vibrant open kitchen designed to excite the senses?. Upscale seafood dishes sourced from our own backyard as well as inspirations from around the Pacific Rim and the Mediterranean.” They plan to use local ingredients as often as possible. ?I am excited to begin this journey!?

Welcome, Tanglewood Supreme!!


Tanglewood Supreme owner, Chappelle



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  1. Great- I’ve had relatives from the east coast ask me to take them out to the local neighborhood seafood restaurant. With the fishing industry as big as it is, there has be plenty of local and inexpensive choices. Never felt like Chinooks or any of the other waterfront restaurants fit the bill.

  2. Inexpensive wasn’t mentioned. Wheeler Steeet didn’t fail because it wasn’t good, it failed because of its location. Alley. Magnolia.

    1. Wheeler Street didn’t fail. The owners just wanted a different type of opportunity. Business was always brisk.

    2. I think it failed because it shortened its hours and never changed the menu one tiny bit. got bored and never seemed to make it before 3 PM. I have high hopes.

  3. Excellent! I hope they take reservations – with a small space like that I wouldn’t want to count on getting a table.

  4. So what exactly is his restaurant or business management experience? 9 times out of 10 some enthusiastic local person opening a restaurant = disaster.

  5. SZMANIA’S Restaurant owners and staff welcome you to the neighborhood and are excited that another excellent venue is opening in our neighborhood! Sounds delicious, and Seattle can always use more great seafood!

    1. Thank you Julie! After living in Magnolia for a number of years, we are so excited to join the fantastic restaurant community in the village. The support and welcoming we have received, specifically from Szmania’s, Serendipity and Mondello has been incredible.

  6. I agree that location doesn’t matter here if the food is stellar. I have no place to bring a friend for lunch in Magnolia except Mondello’s, so am intensely looking forward to this new restaurant. I agree about the space issue…a “lunch” crowd all tend to be around the same time. I also keep hoping for a “new” style Chinese…not the old fashioned gummy Chinese, but fresh, like the wonderful places all over the place in California…with a takeout bar too!

  7. SO excited. Magnolia has the most dismal dining options, for a neighborhood with a sizable population of people with disposable income for dining out. It would be so nice to not have to leave Magnolia for a good meal.

  8. This sounds great! I don’t mind going to Chinook’s, but mainly just sit in the bar area for happy hour and appetizers.

    Welcome to Magnolia, look forward to trying something new!

  9. I among many are very excited for your arrival. I am sure with your care and diligence, it will be amazing.

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