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Magnolia man?s food truck featured on national tv tonight


Magnolia resident and food truck owner Lee Scott’s Snout and Co will be featured tonight on television’s?Eat St. on?Cooking Channel at 9 pm. Scott, who has been cooking almost his entire life and has extensive experience as a caterer and bar man, ventured out into the food truck world in fall of 2010.? Snout and Co.’s menu pays?homage to his?Cuban roots, with items like The Cuban, which comes in a sandwich, as well as a bowl, Picadillo (Cuban-style hash), with ground beef, chopped tomatoes, green olives, bell peppers, raisins and spices, served over white rice with plantains, plus some vegetarian fare.

The show’s website describes the episode:

The Pnut Butter Bar in Los Angeles shows there’s more to life than the classic pb ‘n’ j sandwich, serving up nutty named dishes such as the Elvis inspired Thank You, Thank You Very Much sandwich that’s made with bacon, bananas, peanut butter, honey and then grilled in butter. Next is Snout and Co. in Seattle delivering comfort food drawn upon from Cuba to South Carolina featuring a Homemade Black Bean Burger and a Pulled Pork Sandwich with meat that has taken 24 hours to prepare. Then we visit Toronto to put in some quality eating time at Smoke’s Poutinerie serving up poutine with imported Quebec cheese curds and topped with grilled chicken, Italian sausage, and green peas amongst others. Our final stop is in Orange County where we flip out on perfect pancakes at the? Crepes Bonaparte truck.
Cooking channel can be seen locally on channel 204 (comcast) or channel 232 (direct tv). Follow Snout and Co on?twitter or facebook to see where you can try the tasty street eats…

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  1. wow that’s great it’s hard becoming a chef yet alone a guy in a truck but getting on tv is a major boost on?publicity, I watched the episode last night! Wish you the best of ?luck.?

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