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Wheeler Street Kitchen on the market


By Reporter Steven Smalley

Business is good at the Wheeler Street Kitchen, say owners Greg and Carrie Campbell. It?s family issues that prompted the husband and wife team to put their dream restaurant up for sale. ?It comes down to what?s right for our family. We just decided we want to look into selling. If nothing comes of it, we?ll keep it running,? explains chef Greg.? ?It?s a personal family decision. Business is good. We?re not getting out of it because business is bad. It came down to what kind of life we want to have with our family. After doing this for a couple of years we decided that we want to be in a different place.?

An ad was placed on Craig?s List by broker Laura Miller of Gibraltar Investment property asking $95,000 for the business and its contents, describing it as a ?turn-key neighborhood restaurant.? Monthly rent is listed at $1800.00 at 3216 West Wheeler Street. The restaurant seats 22 people.??We?ve been really busy,??said Carrie. ?Greg and I have been slammed. We have a rush every single day. We?re serving lunches Monday through Saturday 11 to 3 and we?re going to continue that.??In the meantime, look to attend Greg Campbell?s hands-on cooking classes for the next several Mondays as the master chef shows you recipes and cooking skills you can put to use right away. He promises classes on everything from knife techniques to sauce preparation at $60 for 2-hour classes.

Greg emphasizes, ?We?re still open and we?re not planning on going anywhere. Customers will know if we sell. It?s 100% transparency. We?re part of the community. We love being here.?

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    1. If you read the article, they STILL do have great food, and if there is no immediate sale, will stay in business for the time being.

  1. Are you kidding me? This pisses me off. This is my favorite lunch place in the Village.

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