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Interbay?s big dig


By reporter Steven Smalley

If you haven?t seen the huge?hole behind Red Mill Burgers off of Dravus Street, here is a glimpse?into the construction of the six-story building?which will?contain 236 living units, called the Interbay Apartments.

W.G. Clark Construction Company of Seattle is finishing up excavation work and is about to start pouring concrete. ?We?re doing well. It?s been pretty easy so far,??says Robert Fitzgerald, site foreman, who spoke with Magnolia Voice about their progress.
Adjacent to the Interbay Athletic Complex,? the building will?have some retail spaces on the bottom floor along with three levels of underground parking. Currently thirty construction workers are laboring on the site using heavy equipment and a towering yellow crane visible from around the neighborhood.
Apartments will be ready for occupation approximately June 2013.
Photos by Steven Smalley

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