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An interview with Fuzzy the Rabbit


Seattle Animal Shelter: Fuzzy, can you tell our readers what the best thing about you is?

Fuzzy: Well, I get told almost hourly that I am especially cute. However, I also like to cuddle, which I know many people like.

SAS: I must agree, you ARE especially adorable. What do you like to eat?

FZ: I eat pellets, which have most of the nutrients I need, and I like hay (which keeps my digestive tract nice and clear). I just love vegetables, especially carrots and Italian parsley. I can?t get enough of them! When it comes down to it, I LOVE to eat.

SAS: Fuzzy, you are a senior rabbit. Do you have any comment about that?

FZ: Ask any Baby Boomer, and they will tell you that age does not define them! Yes, I am a senior, but I have life in me yet! I have things to do, places to go, and people to see!

SAS: So you don?t just nap all the time?

FZ: I must admit that I nap more than I used to, but I still love to explore and play with my toys. I love to chew on my straw mat and toss around my measuring cups. When my foster Mom is home, she lets me hop around the house (though she always supervises me ? it?s so annoying). After a hard hour of playing and exploring, though, I do need to rest.

SAS: Fuzzy, we?ve been told that you?re deaf. Does that affect your life much?

FZ: There are some advantages to being deaf. I can?t hear many things that would be irritating, such as barking dogs or hissing cats. On the other hand, I am often startled. If someone comes up behind me and pets me or picks me up, it surprises me!

SAS: Fuzzy, do you have any final words for our readers?

FZ: I would really like to find a forever home. I am adorable, love to play, and can?t get enough cuddling. Even though I?m a senior, I deserve to be adopted. If someone chooses to love me, I will love them back with all my bunny heart!

Please visit Fuzzy at the Seattle Animal Shelter,
2061-15th Ave. W.
(1 mile south of the Ballard Bridge). The shelter is open Wednesday-Sunday from noon-6 p.m., and closed on holidays.

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