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Big Interbay apartment building coming


The Slate: Apartments & Lofts will be coming to Interbay by mid 2013. Rendering courtesy of Unico Properties.

Unico Properties Development is poised to build a seven-floor, 52,155-square-foot, 236-unit apartment building, with ground-floor retail and will keep existing retail tenants Red Mill, Starbucks and Pandasia, along West Dravus Street. The new retail space will be located at the corner of 16th and Dravus streets.

Unico expects to have the building ready by mid 2013. The View will stay abreast of any new developments with this property and whether it will lead to similar plans coming down the pipeline.

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  1. Red Mill Burgers has nothing to do with this project and is not a tenant of unico. The project will be located behind Red Mill Burgers.

  2. All of us in Magnolia want to know the answer to one simple question: how in the world will all of those cars get in and out of there without yet one more traffic signal and the backups it will cause??

      1. Hopefully. Maybe that will help the 1/3 of Americans who are obese.

        In 2008, medical costs associated with obesity were estimated at $147 billion; the medical costs paid by third-party payors for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight.

    1. Well, we don’t all want to know.? I’m confident the drivers will figure it out.? It’s ironic that car drivers are always complaining about traffic.

  3. A very nice project and will bring much needed improvements to Interbay.? I love seeing this kind of development in Interbay and while there may be some development challenges and other capital improvements needed the challenges need to be embraced and overcome.

  4. Another project all out of scale with the neighborhood, built in utterly forgettable, generic architecture, and designed by people who’ve probably never set foot within miles of the site.

    1. Sorry, I worked on the project and I live in Magnolia.? It would be much more helpful if you knew of what you were speaking before you popped off on comments.? It’s a local development team.? We’re excited for new development in Interbay to replace the currently blighted and crime-ridden properties.

  5. Really what is the answer to the traffic issue this will cause during construction and after, as potentially 236 more people live there??Metro needs to improve bus service in and out of Magnolia not just on 15th.? But, aren’t they talking about reducing service on some routes?? Does anyone know what, if anything, is being discussed?? Happy about the improvement though — this will be very nice in the eye-sore of an area.

  6. Too bad we never built that Monorail. There would have been a stop right near this new complex, and those residents, along with many Magnolians could “Rise Above It All” and whisk downtown in no time.

  7. One day, though probably decades from now, Seattle’s patchwork of little public transit options will include a 15th street streetcar. It’ll be easy to fill it with Ballard, Interbay and Queen Anne residents buzzing right to the center of downtown. along one of the few straight shots from residential core to the business hub. Magnolia could use a spur too but the elevation gain will limit that.

  8. How did this become about car drivers being fat?!? I weigh 115 pounds and I drive a car all day for work- I am so sick of hearing that comparison!? The only fat person in my family is the one who has ridden his bike to work eveyday for the last 30 years!

    Can we get back to the topic at hand!?? This will greatly improve Interbay and I think it’s much better to have “boring,” new architecture with retail there than a dilapidated, yet “acceptable” craftsman in style, druggie house.? And yes, we will need to figure out the difficult traffic there!? But this project excites me!

    1. Well, here was the comment about traffic: “They will follow the direction of our mayor, and ride bicycles. “And I suggested that is good.? You are the one who infered I meant car drivers are fat. Some are some aren’t. However, I’m sure your bicycling family member does not ?like when you call him/her fat.

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