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Meet Cleo!


Cleo is an exuberant dog on the go that is looking for her forever home. She?s a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Husky, so she?s kind of a workaholic. She requires a?LOT?of physical and mental stimulation, and because she?s only a year old, has LOTS of puppy energy to spare ? she could probably run all day long! But even though Cleo is independent and active during the day, at night she just wants to sleep as close to you as possible.

She is a promising student in her manners class, and continuing her education will allow you to bond with her and see just how bright this girl is. She already knows a few commands, including: sit, down, shake, and out of the kitchen. Cleo is about 99 percent potty trained and only has accidents when left alone for too long. She recently went on a camping trip and she had an awesome time playing in the river and sniffing all the new smells. She?d love to go camping again!

Cleo had a pretty rough start in life and some folks weren’t so nice to her but she still LOVES people and tries to make friends with all dogs that she meets. She could probably live with a dog-savvy cat too, if they didn’t mind her trying to play with them now and then. Because of her exuberance she?ll do best in an adult only home or one with older teenagers. You might want to read up on both of her breeds, to be sure she’d be a good match for your family.

Cleo is in a Seattle Animal Shelter foster home. If you would like to meet her, download a Dog Adoption Application [link]. Send your completed application to the Shelter?s Adoption Review team [link] or fax it to?(206) 386-4285. You may also pick up/drop off the application at the Seattle Animal Shelter at 2061-15th Ave. W. (1 mile south of the?BallardBridge). The shelter is open Wednesday-Sunday from noon-6:00 pm, and closed on holidays.

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