February 12


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Same proprietor now owns two Village establishments.
By reporter Steven Smalley

“I’m really excited,” says the new owner of Magnolia’s Restaurant and Lounge, Corino Bonjrada of Mondello Ristorante Italiano on 33rd Avenue in the Village.

In an exclusive interview with Magnolia Voice, Corino unveils his plan for the new location.

“I always loved the old Szmania’s restaurant,” he explains. “When it became Magnolia’s Restaurant and Lounge we supported them. I really loved them a lot. I was sorry to see it go away.”

Because a car accident seriously injured his family – several of whom had important positions within the operation – Raj Mandapati was forced to place Magnolia’s Restaurant and Lounge on the market for sale. Magnolia Voice wishes them all the best for a speedy recovery.

Corino’s new restaurant will continue the tradition of fresh Northwest ingredients with an added international twist. Don’t look for Italian dishes. The new place, renamed Pink Salt, will have South American menu options gleaned from time spent in Peru. Fans of Mondello’s should fear not, the old restaurant will carry on serving their delicious Mediterranean cuisine with Corino at the helm of both places.

“I just came back from Peru. It has one of the best cuisines in the world right now,” says Corino. “I’ll will have two different restaurants open in the village. Mondello Restaurant will keep going strong.”

Corino tells Magnolia Voice his blueprint for Pink Salt includes Saturday and Sunday brunch, Happy Hour, and updates in the structure and decor of the establishment.

“We want to be a friendly, neighborhood place,” he says.

Pink Salt is slated to open in 1 1/2 – 2 months depending upon licensing and construction timelines.

Look for pricing to be comparable to Mondello’s.

Pink Salt is located at 3321 West McGraw Street in The Village.


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