February 12


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Update from Seattle Public Utilities
By reporter Steve Smalley

UPDATE: “Monday and Tuesday customers’ collection: Wednesday, Feb. 13 
Garbage will be collected for Monday and Tuesday residential customers on Wednesday, Feb. 13. Recycling will also be collected from Monday area customers in Northwest and Southwest Seattle on Wednesday. Customers may put out double the usual amount of garbage at no additional charge. If you are able, please assist our haulers by shoveling snow/slush to allow access to your garbage containers or relocating your containers to a more accessible area.

Recycling and food/yard waste not collected from Monday and Tuesday customers tomorrow will be collected next week (Feb. 18 and 19). Customers may put out double the usual amount of recycling and food/yard waste at no additional charge. “

To get your own phone app, search Seattle Public Utilities app and download it for free.

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