January 15

Zucchini 500 Races Arrive At Magnolia Farmers Market

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Spread the word and join in the fun July 27, from 11am-1pm

 Zucchini 500 Races Return to Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets Four Neighborhood Farmers Markets host the popular family-friendly Zucchini 500 races. Seattle, Washington: The Zucchini 500 races return to four seasonal Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets. One of the only events in Seattle where playing with your food is a requirement; the event features zucchini roadsters handcrafted by young racers complete with wheels and fabulous decorations.
Kids of all ages are invited to join the fun and create their very own vegetable vehicle to send down the racing ramp. The farmers markets and farmers supply all materials for these speedy creations. Zucchini cars are the kids to keep (or eat) after the event.
“The Zucchini races are an exciting annual event that attracts families to the market, but more importantly engages kids within the marketplace. The Neighborhood Farmers Markets are a fun space for everyone, and the Zucchini 500 is just one even to emphasize that point.” –Sarah Schu, Marketing and Development Manager, Neighborhood Farmers Markets
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