Magnolia Public Schools to Lose Teachers Next Week

Posted on September 21st, 2018 by Sara

Just two weeks into the school year, Magnolia Voice has been told that some of our teachers will be cut next week. 

From Seattle Schools Community Forum:

Today, a letter signed from Michael Tolley, Flip Herndon, JoLynn Berge, and Clover Codd went out saying, “Dear School Leaders….”

The district has 775 fewer students than they thought they would.  They say that they are only off by 1.4%. From the letter, it is unclear if that is growth they had expected (but not gotten) or students who have left the district or both. They cannot cover all that revenue loss and so they are cutting teachers. The timeline was that principals were told yesterday and today the principals told their schools (starting “the displacement process”).  Those teachers to be cut will be notified by next Monday.    Those teachers moving will be told next Tuesday and Wednesday and move Friday, the 28th. Please write the Board and the Superintendent – you can reach them and senior staff at: 

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