New Magnolia bridge not happening

Posted on May 22nd, 2018 by Sara

SRO meeting full of ticked-off residents
By reporter Steven Smalley

A jam-packed public gathering presented by the Magnolia Community Council filled the United Church of Christ with some frustrated neighbors Monday night. A new bridge that would have cost $262 mil. in 2007 is now projected to run upwards of $384 mil., and the city has no money to pay for it, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation. That fact has neighbors angry at the City Council, the mayor, and the bureaucracy.

“I’m very disappointed. Where is the accountability? Where is our money going? I’ve never seen people so upset in Seattle. People are fed up,” said one unidentified resident.

“We currently don’t have the money in place to replace the bridge,” declared Kit Loo of SDOT.

His presentation sought to describe “alternatives” to the bridge to include widening of the Dravus corridor and building an overpass across the railroad tracks at Armory Way or Wheeler Street. None of the proposed plans are finalized. Look for recommendations either this summer or early fall. The ultimate green light will come from the City Council and Mayor.

Reactions from random attendees who spoke with Magnolia Voice played a similar tune.

“I think they need better answers. They don’t have a lot of information. The City Council has no representation here. It’s ridiculous,” said one person.

“I learned whatever the city says, they’ve already made the determination, and it’s all folly. It’s going to take some major pushback. They’ve already determined they’re going to tear that thing down,” said another attendee.

Another person summed it up. “I think we need a bridge to Magnolia. It’s the only fair thing to do.”

5 responses to “New Magnolia bridge not happening”

  1. Matthew Schneider says:

    The city council is playing us like a cheap fiddle. Can anyone tell me the last time the City was audited. (oh that’s right they don’t have the money to do this either)

    Take a look at how the Property Taxes have increased on one street in Ballard; 46th ave between 15th ave West and 24th ave West where the new QFC is.

    They have taken single family dwellings being tax at $250,000 and built well over 750 units with a value of $500,000 to over $1,000,000.

    So those lying cocksuckers at the City are playing us about “Not having the money to replace the bridge” They are Bleeding Heart Liberal “Socialists’ that want to give to the needy.

  2. JM WATKINS says:

    The Magnolia Bridge should be replaced. There are other development reasons for not replacing the old structure. One reason is access to cruise ships and more land for development. The truth is always hidden.

  3. Michael Plunkett says:

    I’ve ask the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce to put out a statement to every elected official in support of a rebuilt bridge for Magnolia residents and our great local business. As of this date and time, the chamber have not done so. We need strong leadership and advocates now.

  4. Michael Plunkett says:

    I didn’t understand why the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce tried so hard at the Magnolia Bridge meeting to be a facilitator as opposed to a stronger advocate. So I ask them if they have even taken a formal position on the bridge. This was there response:

    “We do not have a letter or resolution at this point.”

    I have recontacted Chamber because in my opinion we need stronger leadership now!.

    My response to Chamber.

    “I would like you to be stronger advocates and put out a statement to every elected person and the community that the Chamber of Commerce supports a complete rebuilt bridge. Stop being a meeting facilitator and start being a stronger advocate.”

    I’ve also ask Magnolia Community Council for their letter of support/resolution on support for a rebuilt bride but they have yet to response.

  5. John maynard says:

    My question is, what legal action can be implemented to curb this preposterous notion. And why is SDOT entertaining estimates that exceed similar bridge construction in other cites. Something smells.

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