May 22

New Magnolia bridge not happening

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SRO meeting full of ticked-off residents
By reporter Steven Smalley

A jam-packed public gathering presented by the Magnolia Community Council filled the United Church of Christ with some frustrated neighbors Monday night. A new bridge that would have cost $262 mil. in 2007 is now projected to run upwards of $384 mil., and the city has no money to pay for it, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation. That fact has neighbors angry at the City Council, the mayor, and the bureaucracy.

“I’m very disappointed. Where is the accountability? Where is our money going? I’ve never seen people so upset in Seattle. People are fed up,” said one unidentified resident.

“We currently don’t have the money in place to replace the bridge,” declared Kit Loo of SDOT.

His presentation sought to describe “alternatives” to the bridge to include widening of the Dravus corridor and building an overpass across the railroad tracks at Armory Way or Wheeler Street. None of the proposed plans are finalized. Look for recommendations either this summer or early fall. The ultimate green light will come from the City Council and Mayor.

Reactions from random attendees who spoke with Magnolia Voice played a similar tune.

“I think they need better answers. They don’t have a lot of information. The City Council has no representation here. It’s ridiculous,” said one person.

“I learned whatever the city says, they’ve already made the determination, and it’s all folly. It’s going to take some major pushback. They’ve already determined they’re going to tear that thing down,” said another attendee.

Another person summed it up. “I think we need a bridge to Magnolia. It’s the only fair thing to do.”


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