Take a Moment – do a survey for Discovery Park

Posted on September 16th, 2017 by Sara

Researchers at the University of Washington, in partnership with the Seattle Parks and Recreation department, would like to understand how people interact with nature in meaningful ways at Discovery Park..  The missing piece is YOU!  Please take a few moments and share your experience with nature at Discovery Park.

Click here to take the survey. Questions? Contact the HINTS (Human Interaction with Nature and Technological Systems) Lab at elev@uw.edu.

3 responses to “Take a Moment – do a survey for Discovery Park”

  1. Jim says:

    the link from MagnoliaVoice was dead. Not a particular surprise.

    Several quick points:
    Early focus of the park was to preserve and encourage the natural environment of the park. This was generally followed by park staff and users for quite some time. As city density and dog ownership has increased, the park has become more popular for people and their pets, often unleashed.There now exists a major dichotomy between those who want to preserve the natural state of the park and those who see this as a huge open dog park. The natural ecological aspects of the park are disappearing rather quickly as it becomes just another urban park. The City of Seattle is totally complicit in this evolution with under funding of existing programs, under enforcement of existing laws and a huge lack of intelligentmaintenance.

  2. HINTS Lab says:

    The proper link is: http://www.naturelanguage.com

    Thank you for your participation

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