Sunday in the park with music

Posted on August 18th, 2017 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Discovery Park is the place for those who love the arts this Sunday as Discover Music in the Park announces the line-up of orchestral and dance ensembles.

Beginning at 1 o’clock, the likes of Grieg, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff will be performed by the Lake Union Civic Orchestra in conjunction with Khambatta and Kaleidoscope Dance Companies.

Everyone is invited for a full afternoon of free entertainment at the Daybeak Star Cultural Center, upper field in Discovery Park. Click here for more information.


2 responses to “Sunday in the park with music”

  1. Miller Myers says:

    This seemingly harmless music event is actually an attempt to undermine the founding purpose of Discovery Park as a place for the quiet contemplation of nature, a place to find respite from the stresses of urban life.

    What the organizers are working toward is a large scale music school in the heart of of Discovery Park. They are trying to privatize public space for their own purposes.

    This cannot be allowed.

  2. Maya Leites says:

    To learn about FLCA and what Discover Music in the Park is actually all about, please visit:

    My response to Mr. Myers’ claims:
    1) The classical music and dance concert at the Daybreak Star in Discovery Park was organized to invite the community to gather around music, dance and nature and indeed to find respite from the stresses of urban life.
    2) Discover Music in the Park is working towards proposing that the City consider utilizing the 8 long-unused and neglected historic buildings at Fort Lawton in Discovery Park for arts education programs, rehearsal spaces and other community outreach programs.
    3) DMitP is not trying to privatize public spaces. On the contrary, it would urge the City to redefine the role of Fort Lawton Historic District as a public space within Discovery Park, and to use the vacant historic buildings for the community and by the community to balance the already privatized Fort Lawton (with all residential buildings sold to private owners).

    For more information please visit our website or email us at:

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