CVS Pharmacy opens this weekend

Posted on May 28th, 2017 by Sara

By reporter Steve Smalley

CVS Pharmacy opens the doors a few months early this Sunday at 2438 32nd Avenue West in the old Mieko’s location, according to the corporate public relations manager in Rhode Island.

With a pharmacy that places patient wellbeing “above everything else,” the CVS store offers Better-for-You food options that make healthier eating on-the-go more convenient and affordable, according to an emailed press release. Expect to see “trend zones” featuring different collections of food customers may expect to find at a specialty stores, such as gluten-free, allergen-free, or those featuring super food ingredients. 

Check out the over-the-counter aisles focusing on active nutrition, immunity, pain management and sleep. Also, CVS sells a wider selection of vitamins and supplements. Additionally, CVS offers popular beauty brands at great value.

Stop by the new CVS Pharmacy as you welcome them to Magnolia.

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