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Posted on March 23rd, 2017 by Sara

Dine Around Seattle is held every March and November Sunday ? Thursdays. Dinners include offerings for a fixed price of $22, $33, or $44. Lunch at selected venues for $18. Dine Around Seattle is the area?s premier biannual dining promotion ? giving diners a chance to try some of the areas best restaurants for a great deal???all while helping support local businesses.

How can diners decide where to dine out??
Diners can search by neighborhood, lunch/dinner option or by price point.

Do restaurants offer both lunch and dinner?
All Dine Around Seattle participating restaurants offer dinner. Many offer lunch as well. Check each restaurant?s individual page to see what is on offer.

When is Dine Around Seattle?
Dine Around Seattle happens twice a year ? in March and November. The menus are offered Sundays-Thursdays for dinner (all restaurants), and Sundays-Thursdays for lunch (select restaurants), during each?restaurants?open hours (check individual restaurants for specific hours). It is not offered during Sunday Brunch, on Easter or Thanksgiving.


Dine Around Seattle menus are offered at $22, $33 and $44. Some venues may offer more than one price point. Please note, due to individual suppliers, all menus are subject to change at any point. If an item you saw online is not available during your dining experience, rest assured that the restaurant will replace it with something equally delicious.

Are gratuity & tax included?
No, they are not.

Do I need to make a reservation?
You do not have to make a reservation,?however?due to the promotion?s popularity, it is highly recommended.

How do I make a reservation?
You can make reservations through our Open Table links or call the restaurant directly. You do not need to specify that you are planning to order off of the Dine Around Seattle menu.

What is the Dine Out. Do Good. Program??
When you dine out at any of the local restaurants participating in Dine Around Seattle, you help make our local economy strong.?For every reservation made through dinearoundseattle.org a donation is made to?Rainier Valley Food Bank.

You can win a gift card to a great restaurant! Click here.



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