Storm stories

Posted on March 2nd, 2016 by Sara

We were hit hard in?yesterday’s storm.? Here are some pictures of the damage.
mckelvie tree

This 70 foot tree narrowly missed a house near Met Market


tree 2 tree P. Scott Cummins

P.Scott Cummins sent these to us from the Discovery Park Loop Trail


This chicken was lost and found in the storm.


A tree fell on the power lines on 40th. For awhile the street was?closed to foot traffic. In the “Cutest News of the Day” category, a mom sent this in:

A tree down snapped electrical wires – they weren’t letting traffic (or the school bus) through so?our son?got his first ride in a police cruiser. I thought he was still on the bus as it left! Then I hear from an approaching cop car’s speaker? “Don’t worry mom, I’m coming.”

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