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Half-naked man creates scene in the Village


By reporter Steven Smalley

Seattle Fire and Police units were called this afternoon to render assistance to a man found rolling in the street in the Magnolia Village wearing only underwear. First responders managed to get the man, who was crawling and writhing in the crosswalk on the corner of 32nd and McGraw, to a bench where they all waited for police.

As a firefighter went through the man?s clothing, others in the unit tried their best to keep him in place until an ambulance arrived to transport him away.
At one point orange cones were strung across the roadway to keep cars away as the man jumped from the bench to the street, endangering himself and others.
Without much resistance, he was strapped to a gurney and taken away by private ambulance service.
Police and fire employees refused to speculate whether they believed the physically fit man of 25-30 years of age was under the influence of drugs or suffering from mental problems.
Magnolia Voice has disguised the man?s face in photographs.

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