Thief in the garden

Posted on September 2nd, 2014 by Sara

Someone snatched this neighbors’ yard d?cor. Have you seen it? Not a great welcome to the neighborhood!


Heads up to readers in Magnolia near Discovery Park (Bertona & 40th); two reflective glass balls were stolen out of our bird bath (sometime this morning). It’s left a bad taste, as we are new(er) residents of Magnolia and this is our first bad experience! The thief was brazen as they had to of walked up near our front door. Sadly, I had really become attached to the pretty new additions and they were purchased in good spirit from a local business.

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  1. Sally says:

    Sorry to hear about your balls. This is uncommon in Magnolia?..have not heard of anybody else’s balls being taken.

  2. Magtown man says:

    Considering the low incidents of theft in magnolia, and the low value of gazing balls, I am guessing you have a neighbor who does not appreciate poor taste in yard art. Better lock up those pink flamingos too.

  3. anonymous322 says:

    I blame the garden gnomes.

  4. MrObvious says:

    Another hard-hitting investigative triumph…

  5. Linda T. says:

    Hey neighbors?..she had really become attached to those balls. Lets show some respect.

  6. ForrestGrump says:

    I’m just thrilled those balls were purchased in good spirit.

  7. josiahcrawford says:

    It always feels like a violation when people come on your property and take things, however small. Consider a fence. Envy makes people take things… or need… and they don’t need the ornaments. I used to take care of the island at our intersection, but no one really cared or pitched in. Magnolia is pretty and peaceful, but it is hardly what I would call a warm neighborhood. Add to that that Magnolia is full of spoiled kids who will never have to really work for what they have. Bored kids egged my house on the bluff a few years back. I personally always call the police and enjoy seeing the parents squirm. Parents were ignorant of their drug habits too. With money it is not automatic that people have taste or class. Witness the moronic posts to your comment.

    • anonymous322 says:

      I see what you did there. New we all know a) you live on the bluff, b) you don’t think much of any of your neighbors, and c) people dislike you enough that neighborhood kids egged your house. I’m pretty sure that, as a newcomer to Magnolia, she probably shouldn’t take your advice on how to get along here.

      Seriously, OP wrote a post about cheap glass balls being stolen out of her front yard. She deserved some “moronic” comments. If she has an ongoing problem with stuff being stolen out of her front yard, she should put up a security camera and find out who it is. Whining on the internet isn’t useful.

      • SeattleStudent says:

        Josiah and the OP, I hope you know that many of your neighbors aren’t as bitter or twisted as the commenters here. The poster didn’t say the loss was tragic, just a shame. No one deserves moronic comments (though I’m sure they have the local 14-year-old population highly amused). And kids don’t necessarily egg or TP houses in some totally rational display of neighborly discord. It’s fairly ridiculous to blame Josiah for getting his house vandalized.

      • josiah says:

        A two bit little blog with the same bored posters seems like a fitting place to whine. The egging was for the loser who lived in the house before us… I’d give the history, but that would reveal my identity. Alas, I go on here when I am bored too. But you are right, Magnolia neighbors on the bluff are rich spoiled nightmares, Drunk or stoned or with too much money to think they should be a good neighbor. Oh how I wish I could name names. I still live in Magnolia, but nowhere near the wealthy nightmares who populate the bluff. Smart people move to another part of Magnolia.. Property taxes of $12,000 a year and ignorant drunks for neighbors? I don’t think so. A lost glass ball is about equal to one of those fat drunks losing their Ferrari… they could give a sh-t. This woman actually cared about something on which she couldn’t just put in an insurance claim.

    • Andrew says:

      Gosh?maybe YOU should build a great wall with an electric fence on top. Who cares.

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