Is your street stinky? Let us know!

Posted on August 25th, 2014 by Sara

We received this tip from a reader and want to help with her research:

I live on W Roberts Way, just south of Emerson and the Discovery Park fence line. ?For the past 2 summers, our neighborhood has experienced a foul odor in the driest times that permeates our homes and yards. ?People can’t sleep with their windows open anymore. ?I find myself leaving the house during the day just to get away from it. ?Having company over is risky. ?The odor is like the smell of rotting sewage. ?We’ve spoken with the treatment plant and I’m contacting the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency tomorrow as well. ?I’m wondering if you can post this in the Magnolia Voice to see how widespread the odor is and if anyone has any suggestions on how to rectify it. ?Thank you!

Please let us know in the comments section what the air is like in your section of the ‘hood!

20 responses to “Is your street stinky? Let us know!”

  1. guest says:

    Smells terrible here too! Mag blvd/ Emerson

  2. jennas says:

    Same here! Maybe we should collect signatures or something like that to get the issue resolved. We live on 43rd Ave W and Bertona.

    • rolling my eyes says:

      Signatures will get you nothing. You have wonderful Magnolia and the smell from the treatment plant. How about the low flying UPS jets. Signatures for than too?

      • rolling my doobies says:

        And don’t forget the short tennis skirts. Signatures! And the dog poop. More signatures! Somebody needs to alert Tim Eyman.

        • Girl says:

          Whats funny is I was in the Village walking around on a hot day earlier this Summer and a man probably about 60 or so stopped me to let me know my shorts were too short. I basically ignored him but saw him checking my butt out after passing him?.LOL. Men!

  3. matt says:

    Same story near Dravus & Mag Blvd, rotten egg/sulphur smell on occasion over last 2+ weeks…

  4. anonymous says:

    I live by the Village and for six years I have smelled the rotten sewage smell from the sewage treatment plant. Usually it is strongest early morning, before car exhausts or breezes dispel it. It is from the plant and I’m not sure what signatures will do. It is like living near an airport…a few signatures won’t move the airport. I have gotten used to it over the years…I used to live on Viewmont near 42nd and smelled it there too….all in all, living in Magnolia is worth it….the occasional lawyer as a neighbor who builds to block your view, some scattered graffiti….and that damned smell. Otherwise, great place to live. Luckily, no more lawyers for me…unobstructed view…but there IS the smell…

  5. Darcy says:

    I think I’ve been smelling it off and on for the last few days at Mag Blvd/Bertona. I thought we had a gas leak and had PSE out. I’m on board for anything we can do to deal with it.

  6. Adam Phillabaum says:

    Live near 34th Ave W and McCord Pl… no smell over here.

  7. C. J. says:

    I have not gone out to the street to sniff but we did find a skunk in our backyard about three weeks ago. We iive on Magnolia Blvd (1500 block) and I think the skunk may have come via the park behind us. The smell was atrocious. We had animal control remove the carcass.

  8. MasterOfTheObvious says:

    Have you tried changing your underwear? Just sayin’!

  9. Jack of All Trades says:

    Crystal clear air here in slummy East Magnolia.

  10. Magtown man says:

    Check the tide table next time. In the summer, at low tide, you can expect all of the smells described here in the posts depending on how sensitive you are. Suppose it is the cost of having such an amazing view of the water. Cant smell it in East Magtown, but you can smell it on the mag bridge sometimes. Could be worse, otherwise known as Kent.

  11. The Rock says:

    Can you sm sm smelllllll what Magnolia is cooking?

  12. Leslie says:

    It was smelly last night around midnight when i arrived home, near Emerson/between about 36-40th.. Smells like either a gas line or something that died nearby. Really awful. And it was not the gas line.

  13. Hotline says:

    I’ve smelled it too on viewmont near bertona. Here is a hotline to report sewage smells. I’ve never called it but think I will start to:

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