Scary moment in Discovery

Posted on August 20th, 2014 by Sara

MV reader?Alexander sent this to us earlier today:
I was driving through discovery park, coming home from the locks around 9:30pm on saturday the 16th, I had just passed the parking lot with the round about that’s towards the west side of the park when a older model SUV was right on my tail honking it?s horn at me. I continued to drive towards the exit on 36th ave and took a right towards emerson and 36th. I drove slow on the right hand side as far over as I could hoping they just wanted to pass me. They continued to ride my tail so close that if I had stopped, or even slowed down, they might of rear ended me. I started to speed up they continued to follow me through the neighborhood going whichever way I turned. I finally was able to lose them after a good five minutes of weaving through the blocks towards Viewmont and ruffner. I decided not to call the cops because I figured that it was just some kids trying to have fun. Maybe they thought I was one of their friends? Anyone else have an experience like this?

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  1. douglas01 says:

    You should have gotten the license and reported to police.

    • eric smith says:

      Amen to that. Reporting them would be their reward for flirting with rear ending you, however the hell you want to spell it,

  2. mintymocha says:

    Yes, I had an experience like that. I didn’t know it, but the tailgate of my truck had come open and my belongings had flown out into the street. The person honking and following me was just trying to help. Perhaps the folks following you had good intent, rather than bad. I can’t judge as I didn’t have your exact experience.

  3. GrammarPolice says:

    “they might of rear ended me” should be “they might HAVE rear-ended me”

    • Teacher says:

      HAVE is not capitalized nor is there a hyphen between rear and ended. You are welcome.

      • SeattleStudent says:

        GrammarPolice obviously capitalized “have” for emphasis, and there is indeed a hyphen in “rear-end”. Rearend is not a word in the English language. Snark fail.

        • Paul says:

          It is rear ended?.NOT rearended. You didn’t even get the ended correct and this is why you are still a student. There is also NO hyphen between the two words?.look it up in your Webster dictionary. Lesson learned.

  4. Magno res says:

    There were some kids in a red sports car last weekend by Fisherman’s Terminal. The light turned green and they didn’t move. I think they were waiting to see if I honked so they could harrass me. They finally went after they realized I wasn’t going to honk at them, but the truck behind me was a bit ticked off and passed us both by. This made the sports car driver mad and he sped up, riding this trucks tail for quite a while.

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