First round of Metro bus cuts take effect Sept. 27

Posted on August 5th, 2014 by Sara

September 27th,?Metro plans to reduce service by?161,000 bus hours. 28 routes will be deleted, with 13 routes revised to match available revenues.?

Just two?routes in Magnolia will be affected by the first round of Metro cuts. Route 19 from W. Magnolia to Downtown?will be cut. (According to Metro, this is?0ne of the lowest-performance routes in the system). Instead,?riders can take buses 24, 33 and the Rapidride D Line.

In addition, Route 24 will change. It?will extend along Viewmont Way?W. to Magnolia Boulevard W. and W. Emerson Street during peak morning and afternoon periods on weekdays.

More citywide cuts are coming February 2015.?For?additional information?click here.






One response to “First round of Metro bus cuts take effect Sept. 27”

  1. RickHandy says:

    You gotta love that the first line they cut, and it’s due to poor performance, is the 19. Yet, they felt the need to screw up everybody else so those 2-3 people who need it aren’t inconvenienced. The 24 now no longer services the busiest part of Magnolia, 28th and Manor Place. Seriously, ride the 24 during peak times. Half the bus gets off there. Instead of moving the 33 to cover the two busiest areas, we should have both the 24 and the 33 stop by 28th and Manor.

    This is yet another in a long string of decisions that highlights the massive incompetence of the Metro planners, and how f’ing great it is to live on Viewmont. Even this liberal is getting sick of paying for a service that is impossible to use, since it’s now going to take longer to get downtown from 28th and Manor than it would take from the Issaquah Park & Ride to downtown. It’s like Seattle doesn’t want people to ride the bus. But don’t worry, the people on “one of the lowest performing routes in the system” won’t even be minorly inconvenienced by this…

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