Medical waste on Mag streets

Posted on July 28th, 2014 by Sara

Amanda writes:

This morning I jogged past 2 different items of medical waste. ?Each was right near a trash bin in front of 1 or 2 homes, at least 2 blocks from any park.

?I know those orange safety containers for Sharps are expensive and pricey to drop at Bartells. ?Here is a free way to handle all those items:



?Thanks —

Thanks for the reminder! Please properly dispose of your medical waste so a curious child or animal doesn’t find it!

24 responses to “Medical waste on Mag streets”

  1. Melinda Knowles says:

    Are these medical wastes items used by junkies and druggies or common waste like bandages, splints, etc? If these are items used by junkies or druggies they are probably too stoned or gone to care to dispose of their medical waste in a container. I hike through Discovery Park most every day and see needles, condoms, and the like in various places. Well, I agree folks should dispose these and be conscious of others.

  2. Sandra C says:

    I found another needle this morning on 30th Ave W between Barrett and Armour.

    Perhaps it would be prudent to install some public-use sharps boxes?

    • Buddy says:

      Boxes for plastic bags for dog poo?.Boxes for needles and medical waste?.Campaign signs?..these are things that Magnolia does not need to maintain its beauty . Installing public use sharp boxes portrays a signal to those who shoot up or other with these instruments that is is OK to do so in Magnolia. No thanks. I would rather see women walking around in short tennis attire than stationary objects and I am 69 years old!!!

      • YoYoMa says:

        “I would rather see women walking around in short tennis attire than stationary objects and I am 69 years old!!!”

        What? That sentences makes no sense.

        • Sightlines says:

          I think Buddy means he’d rather watch a woman in motion that a box of needles standing still on a pole.

          • Buddy says:

            Darn straight. Nothing wrong with eyeballing the cute gals I see showing off those thighs! I agree with them I don’t care to see any waste or boxes for waste. Lived in Magnolia for over 41 years now it has been a pleasure.

          • Melinda Knowles says:

            Buddy?..I think I have seen you around do you hang out in the village? I had some creepy old guy the other day staring at my friend and me in front of Starbucks. Yes, I was wearing short shorts. It is hot around here you know.

          • Nair says:

            Who wears short shorts?

          • Canda says:

            This is the best post here! I do! Really short shorts this week!

          • MagnoliaCamelToeBrigade says:

            We wear short shorts!

          • short skirts too says:

            the old guys usually look creepy because they have guts, are in terrible shape and no woman would want to see what is under those clothes they wear. Now an older man who is fit, trim, and well dressed looking at a younger girl…well remember the Nora Jones song?

          • Melinda Knowles says:

            Um?not talking about old guys and how they look.

          • short skirts too says:

            they why did you say “creepy old guy”? If he didn’t look creepy you wouldn’t have used that phrase. If he wasn’t old you wouldn’t have said that either. If he didn’t gross you out, then what was it about him that made him creep you out? Looking at you? If someone other than a creepy old guy were looking at you, you’d be happy, no? Of course…but he did…because he looked like a creepy old guy.

          • SeattleStudent says:

            On the off chance that you are an actual adult actually living in Magnolia, and not some 13-year old trolling on the internet in a basement in Kansas somewhere, please realize that your comments come across as disrespectful and borderline incoherent. Find another place for your inappropriate rantings other than a community forum.

          • me says:

            He would rather have a use for Viagra,

        • LeonardRose says:

          Hey, the dude is 69 years old…cut him a break!

      • Sandra C says:

        I’d rather see needles in a safe disposal box than on the sidewalk. Wouldn’t you?

      • me says:

        Give it a rest Buddy. If you were getting any you wouldn’t be so turned on by the short skirts. We need plastic bags for when people run out… and needle disposal for the medical needs described above. I just laugh at all the short skirt stuff. People who actually have a love life don’t need to look at short skirts to get turned on…. they just go home to what is waiting, usually without qa short skirt.

        • you says:

          Every man is different and every man has different hormones. I have a beautiful and fun girlfriend but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at the eye candy this time of the year. If Buddy is 69 even though his wife may be giving him some he may still have a twinkle for the younger girl. On the plastic bags issue I agree with you?.er me?.er you. LOL.

  3. Christine C says:

    Have you seen the used mattress on W Gilman by the body shop? The RV that you can’t see around parked there? Or the dump in front of the local butcher’s shop? Maybe the people that walk up and down W Manor to Discover Park and back with backpacks? No one cares

  4. anonymous322 says:

    The city might get better compliance on sharps disposal if they didn’t make it so damn hard. There are a lot of people who use needles who aren’t druggies; people who are oftentimes too ill to drive their needles down to the transfer station. If it were possible for these people to comply, by wrapping correctly (put the sharps in a soda bottle and put the lid on) they would. But the city doesn’t allow that.

  5. ramparts says:

    couldn’t be bothered to suffer the pain of fully typing out “Magnolia”?

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