Bicycle vs small child at Magnolia park

Posted on June 16th, 2014 by Sara

We meant to post this last week, as it happened on?June 8th.? From a Magnolia mom:

My husband took our 3 year old daughter to Magnolia Park by the community center today while I was getting my hair cut. She was having a lovely time at the playground, and the sand pit area where all her favorite little construction vehicles are. My husband was about 5 feet away from her when she decided to get out of the sand pit and go back to the play ground area when screech, wham!!!!!! A woman in her mid 20’s on a mountain bike ran right into her knocking her down. She was the last of 4 mountain bikes apparently that decided to cut down the dirt hill right above the sand pit (parking lot to the community center side) and cruise by the playground, taking a bit of a shortcut I guess. She was going fast enough that she was skidding when she hit my daughter. As my husband was saying “oh my god” and trying to help my daughter up, the woman said in a very who cares kind of voice “oh, sorry” and she started to ride off. My husband picked up my daughter and called after her (admittedly cursing a bit, not loudly though) asking her name and for her to stop. Her 3 friends were long gone in front of her. And she never looked back. My little girl is going to be ok, although her elbows, hands and knees are all scraped up and she was quite upset for some time. I really hope the young woman who ran into her thinks twice before cutting through a playground where little kids are running around. I’m grasping at straws that she is on this list and will see this, but please please be careful in the future. We all want to enjoy our activities on beautiful days like today.?Thank you for reading


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  1. Henry says:

    Hope your little girl is okay. I will check with my mountain bike friends if anyone knows who this band of girls disrupting play times in that park.

  2. gaard swanson says:

    hi this is gaard swanson over at komo-4… we are looking to follow up on this story.. does anyone know this family from the park.. thanks! gaard

    • Jane says:

      Hi Gaard?.if I may ask what is it about this incident that KOMO is interested in? Seems kind of a small incident to be featured on the local news. Why not instead cover the dog park issues in Magnolia (see post on this forum).

      • really? says:

        Get a life, Jane.

        • Jane says:

          What? Why are you so cruel? I have a life probably better than yours.

          • maggiegirl says:

            “I have a life and it’s probably better than yours.” Moderator are you seeing this!? We have an egomaniac in our midst!! This is about the a child, the victim of a hit and run! My goodness!!!! Get off your high horse!

      • Dumbfounded says:

        You’re joking right? A child being injured seems like a small incident compared to claims about increased crime caused by a dog park?? First, there is absolutely no correlation between the dog park being built and an increase in crime in the area. Go check your facts on SPD crime statistics page. Second, I’m pretty sure children are a little more important than poop and noise related to a dog park.

        • Jane says:

          The child was hardly injured?.her elbows, hands, and knees were scraped up. IF her elbows, hands, and knees were broken then yes it might be a better story but come on now? many kids get scrapes and bruises?..LOTS. How does a kid getting scraped up a bit compare to drugs, sex, dogs barking, and gangs hanging out in dog parks as noted by the original poster??? No?I was not joking.

          • Carey says:

            This was my child who was hit. Hard. And the rider essentially committed a hit and run. It’s a pretty big deal to me.

          • Jane says:

            Sorry meant no offense to your daughter or your family. Guess we will look for this on the evening news then. Lots of more serious crimes do not get attention but if the news can help you and your family out then more power to you. Hope these perpetrators are caught and scolded.

          • Carey says:

            I understand you have an agenda, but it doesn’t help your cause to belittle someone else’s. And you shouldn’t comment on the extent of my daughter’s injuries simply from an article you read. The news broadcast was last night by the way. In the future I think you may want to explore different avenues of having your voice heard instead of piggybacking on someone else’s story. I do appreciate your attempt at an apology.

          • Jane says:

            Wait a sec?.Carey didn’t you or your husband write the article above here on Magnolia News? Maybe you should have been more clear then so this “agenda” would have never come up?eh? I do not care about my voice being heard only that at least per the above article the injuries didn’t seem so bad. I cannot apologize for one’s lack of communication but I do apologize for the agony your daughter and family went through. A friend of mine was hit by a car in a crosswalk in broad daylight in downtown yet she did not reach out nor have the same news opportunity you did and she suffered a broken leg, hip, and trauma. She was at Harborview for a week and a day. Just saying.

          • s.theo says:

            You are bitter. Do you have children? I don’t compare myself to people who died in ovens during the Holocaust…and yet I am able to experience terror and hurt. If you had any children you would realize how traumatic it is to see ones child injured by people just “doing their thing” zipping through a park on a stupid bike. I seriously doubt you’ve had anyone to love in your life or you would realize there is no scale that measures hurt and pain relatively…if your friend at Harborview had an advocate (perhaps you?) it would have been on the news.

          • Jane says:

            Yes I am happily married no children as of yet. But since every body else here is right and I am wrong I will leave y’all to your own devices. I do hope Carey’s daughter is alright as well as Carey’s family even though this incident has been over glorified here. Best to all?..peace?.happiness?..and all that! I have enough pressure at my job with Microsoft to be battling the posters on a blog:-). Oh by the way?.if anyone is feee on Saturday please come down to Fremont to welcome Summer in. That gal and her guy on the bike might be us!!!

          • shilshole says:

            I didn’t think MS hired idiots.

          • s,theo says:

            I also teach at Microsoft. The key is to put real children above adult children on bikes. Adult children go through life feeling entitled. People with actual children are by nature or intent endowed with the ability to put their children’s needs above all. You will understand this someday.

          • Mort says:

            Please do not bring the Holocaust into the equation here. Thank You.

          • also jewish says:

            The Holocaust fits into any equation, especially if most of one’s family died there.

      • MrObvious says:

        No you may not. Reporters look into $h!t for a living. That’s what they do.

    • chuckles says:


  3. Carey says:

    Thank you to everyone and their kind words about my daughter.

    • 98199 says:

      Hi Carey,

      It makes me ill to think that anyone would not have empathy for a mum or dad trying to do their best to take care of and keep their young ones safe and sound in the wake of harm. I am sure this was just as upsetting to you and your wife, as it was to your young daughter who was struck and knocked down by a bicycle. There are I am sure, many here who wish your family a speedy recovery, esp for your young daughter.


  4. MaggieGirl says:

    No really, Jane, get a LIFE! I’ve lived in an apartment overlooking the park for 5 years, I’ve seen it go from just a park, to an un-official dog park, to a real dog park. And you are absolutely positively bat-s**t crazy.
    Now what matters here, the welfare of the child! I was horrified when I first read this story and my first thought was that it needed to be on the news. When someone is riding a bike, they become a vehicle. The fact that they hit your daughter and did not stop IS a hit and run and the person responsible should be found and prosecuted!

    • NewsPlease says:

      I don’t think this took place at the dog park Maggie, it sounds like it was the playground adjacent to Catharine Blaine.

  5. lesswhine says:

    The father should have done a better job watching his kid. He was probably texting his girlfriend. When will parents start taking responsibility for their actions? Why must they blame everyone else? Maybe he should keep his kid in is own backyard, then the only person he can blame is himself!

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