Shooting at Seattle Pacific University

Posted on June 5th, 2014 by Sara

Here’s what we know about what happened at SPU today:

Officers responded to the?report of a shooting at SPU’s Otto Miller?Hall around 3:30pm.

SPD?confirms that a lone?suspect entered the building, shot?4 victims with a shotgun.? He?began reloading.?A building monitor?disarmed him. Students pinned him to the ground and held him until police arrived. The gunman was then arrested.

As of press time, a 20 year-old male victim has died from his injuries.? The?remaining three victims (a 20 year-old female in?critical condition, a?22 year-old male and 24 year old male are both in satisfactory condition) are at Harborview.

MV spoke with Eric, ?SPU senior and former Magnolia resident.? He said “I was?at the career center (about half a block north) when I heard there was a lock-down drill (he said they were used to the drills), so?we were?all meandering.?We locked up.
We then got an alert that it was real?via text that there was a shooting, and heard waves of sirens.
We?prayed when?we heard there was a shooting.? We?went online?to watch?the live broadcast. I was?really freaked out because?the building?we are in is right next to Otto Miller.? They have yet to release any names.?We don’t know?who is hurt.?My phone is buzzing, and?I can tell everyone that I’m ok, but it’s not what you want to do.”

SPU?was on lockdown during our conversation.? When?we asked Eric if there was anything we could do, he said, ” just keep praying.”

SPU’s lockdown has ended.? Students and staff only are invited to gather at Gwinn Commons where grief counselors will be available.

Police, ATF, and Fire are all still on the scene. Nickerson is closed. Please avoid the area if you can.


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  1. steve says:

    pray for gun control

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