Folklife plus new Mercer two-way and Roy one-lane means traffic over Memorial Day weekend

Posted on May 23rd, 2014 by Sara

From Laura at our sister site Queen Anne View

As you may have noticed, Mercer St is officially a two-way street between 5th Ave N and Elliott Ave W and Roy St has been reduced to one westbound lane. Lots of new traffic patterns (and traffic) to navigate for those of us who are residents? and add to that mix the thousands of Northwest Folklife Festivalattendees from near and far, and we?re going to have a messy Memorial Day weekend unless you plan ahead.

Seattle Center and Northwest?Folklife?Festival are asking festival-goers (estimated at 10,000) to consider transportation options to and from Seattle Center, and there will be new signage and ?extra efforts to maintain easy access to Seattle Center? during Folklife, which runs Friday through Monday.

Here are the key changes in traffic patterns for the weekend:

  • Mercer two-way traffic between Elliott Ave West and 5th Ave N
  • Roy St reduced to one westbound lane between Queen Anne Ave N and 5th Ave N
  • Mercer remains eastbound-only between 5th Ave N and 9th Ave N with two lanes open to traffic

Two-way traffic on Mercer, Roy, and Queen Anne Ave N is scheduled to open in early June, which is right around the corner. In the meantime, take a deep breath and find alternate methods of transport this weekend.

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