Greek fries GONE!

Posted on May 13th, 2014 by Sara

?By reporter Steven Smalley

Gasp! Say it isn?t so. The Greek fries you?ve loved for so many years at Niko?s Gyros in the Village, are no more. Discontinued. Kaput. Unavailable. Whatever will they do?
Now comes a plan to pick a replacement.
?It?ll have the same Greek flavor,? promises Alexandra ?Alex? Serpanos, owner of Niko?s Gyros, ?Just a different cut.?
To determine which new fry will replace the vaunted old variety, Alex has come up with a quick little contest ? actually a vote ? with FREE FRIES for all voters. “FREE-ky FRY-day” is your chance to taste and choose.
?Come in Friday between 3-4, sample the new fries, and vote for your favorite,? she implores.
Again, the vote is this Friday, May 16, 3-4PM. Have some free fries and vote for your new Greek favorite. Tell the kids.

Alex and the crew can?t believe it



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  1. chiizus says:

    The last time I was there (months ago as I moved out of the area a while back), their zucchini fries were cut differently (they were actually cut very much like the greek fries used to be cut) and weren’t nearly as good. I want to know if that was a one time oddity or if it’s permanent. I like the old style (french fry style) much better. 🙁 I make a special trip to Magnolia every so often just to go to Niko’s. I hope they don’t change things too much!

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