Is this your pooch?

Posted on May 8th, 2014 by Sara

MV reader AL writes:
Today I was working at one of my rental properties in Magnolia (3200 block of W. Government Way) when a really friendly, healthy and happy Springer Spaniel came up and befriended me, he?s obviously well taken of but was without a collar and couldn?t seem to find his way back home.
We walked a few of the nearby neighborhoods but he didn?t seem to lite to any house so I took him to Animal Control on 15th who found that he does have a micro-chip but in wasn?t in their system, so I left him with them.
I?m hoping you can post a short notice in your blog with the attached photo of the pooch with the hopes we can get him back with his humans, if they?re not already.
We hope you are reunited soon!

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  1. DDM says:

    I want to thank you tremendously for finding ‘Cadigan’. A very loved English Springer Spaniel visiting from his home in Graham, WA. He was retrieved by us after his chip was scanned at the animal control shelter. His disappearance and recovery took perhaps less than four hours total. He’s been at our home here on Brygger DR W before, and somehow took off while we were repairing a broken window.
    Again many thanks for your very neighborly concerns.
    Magnolian Dan Miller and Norm Barringham (Cadigan’s owner) from Graham, WA. He sure has a collar and Id tag with his owner’s phone number on him now.

    • AL says:

      You’re welcome, and I am so VERY RELIEVED to
      hear Cadigan is back with his peeps.

      For the lack of a better name I was calling him
      REESE, the name of the English Springer Spaniel we had when I was a

      He greeted me while I was weeding, I petted him
      for a while, we played fetch and had a drink of water from the hose together all
      the while I was hoping someone would come looking for him, when no one did he
      gladly followed me around a few neighborhoods with the hopes of him recognizing
      his home or someone recognizing him.

      When that didn’t work he let me pick him up and
      plop him into the back of my car to make the short drive to Animal Control,
      and his being from Graham, now
      I understand why the info from his micro-chip was not immediately available.

      Cadigan?s angel was definitely on duty that


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