S.W.A.T. activity on 25th yesterday

Posted on April 30th, 2014 by Sara

Photo from SPD website

From SPD Blotter:

A caravan of Seattle Police Department SWAT officers and agents from the?Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms surprised a Magnolia couple at their home overlooking the Interbay Golf Course?Tuesday morning with the news that their live-in 26-year-old son and his 34-year-old friend had been selling heroin and guns out of their basement.

On Saturday, Seattle police received a tip that the 26-year-old man, who lives with his parents, and his friend?who also lives at the house?had amassed an arsenal of?assault weapons, shotguns, body armor, and homemade silencers in the basement of the home??in the 2800 block of 25th Avenue W.

SPD Narcotics detectives and federal officials were able to contact the suspects, who offered to sell a MP5 submachine gun?typically used by police SWAT teams?to a police informant.

On Monday, police purchased several grams of heroin and what they believed was an MP5 submachine gun. However, after police examined the weapon, they discovered it was actually a?.22 rifle decked out to look like a much more expensive and powerful MP5.

SPD detectives and SWAT, Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms served a warrant at the home Tuesday and arrested the son?s 34-year-old friend for being a felon in possession of firearms. The 26-year-old son was interviewed and released at the scene as police continue their investigation.?The suspect?s parents, who also live in the home, were apparently unaware the men were selling guns out of the home.

Police recovered three handguns and nine rifles at the home, along with body armor, ammunition, a small quantity of heroin, Seattle Police Department patches and a Pacific, WA officer?s badge and two suspected homemade explosive devices. Law enforcement officials are still investigating where the men acquired the guns.

Here are two eyewitness accounts from the morning’s events:

As I was trying to go home this morning after dropping kids off at school I discovered 25th was closed off on the Dravus side – blocked by an ambulance. I then went around to go in via Armour. I encountered SWAT artillery vehicles entering the alley between 25th & 24th. Several tanks with guns on the top. At least 15 SUV and armored vans. Unbelievable. The house raided is on the east side of 25th. The officers would not inform me of why this was occurring. They were able to get the two of the three individuals out of the house after many bull horn instructions to “Come out with your hands up. We know you are in the house.” The third individual would not come out so they sent in a team of agents to get him out. Crazy. They would not tell us why this was happening. Meth lab is one suspicion. It seems like they must have taken it to a level beyond that. I can’t wait to see the police report. Goes to prove once again that bad things happen everywhere.


I was sitting on the bed with the window open around 9ish this morning, when I heard:? ?This is the Seattle Police.? We are serving a warrant of arrest at 2832 25th Ave W.? All occupants need to exit with front door with their hands up in the air.? This is the Seattle Police.? They mentioned a name of a person, but I won?t repeat it as it wasn?t clear to me.? We live in the homes off 26th Ave W and cannot see below due to trees and fences.

Eventually, I could hear: ?This is the Seattle Police.? We are serving a warrant for ____.? Your family is all outside.? We know you are inside, you need to exit from the front door with your hands raised in the air.? You are surrounded.?? It was very calmly stated, not angry, I have to give them credit?I?ve never heard anything like it in my life!?Eventually the person must have come out finally, as I heard:? ? You need to come down and face my police car here?.? I didn?t hear much after that.



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  1. ramparts says:

    of course the parents will say he was a wonderful son and thought he was studying for the bar exam down there.

    • jesse says:

      And as for the good neighborhood…Walter White lived in a nice neighborhood too! Parents probably introduced him to guns when he was a kid….

      • Fight for Freedom says:

        “Parents probably introduced him to guns when he was a kid….”

        What the heck does that have to do with anything? My next door neighbor when I was a kid was a gun collector but I never hoarded pistols and dope. Using your logic the parents must have introduced him to heroin dealing too! *shaking my head*

        • jorge says:

          Families/parents with guns have a greater likelihood of kids who use guns. Peacefully… or not. Add drugs to the equation and who would want them as neighbors? A gun collector doesn’t usually have assault weapons and I doubt the parents never exposed their kid to assault weapons. Kids follow in their parents footsteps… good and bad, quite often. Don’t be so Polly-Anna-ish about it, as another poster said. If you want 100% unlimited gun freedom, then accept your neighbors with small pistols or rocket launchers… both are easily available… and without smart gun technology. Judging from the up arrows, assume your neighbors have both.

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            “A gun collector doesn’t usually have assault weapons”

            You’re right.. because there’s no such thing as an “assault rifle” that’s a term that people use to hype semi automatic rifles to make them sound more menacing. Those people usually suffer from ignorance, a stunted sense of virility, or both. Regardless I don’t believe you know many gun collectors because you’d know they most certainly will have a high-end semi-automatic rifle or two in their collection.

            That said I have ZERO issue with gun ownership of any kind. If you’re not a felon or a heroin dealer you should be able to own anything you want.

          • thomashardy says:

            Stunted virility? Oh give it a rest. What do you do for a living that you are so evolutionarily stunted, lacking any education. Flip burgers? I could care less about the terminology. What do you think about smart guns, or are you against that too? I certainly don’t want to be neighbors with families where there are guns lying around. If my kids had played with yours, one of yours might shoot mine….not everyone locks them up..and I can’t speak for your vigilance in that regard. Losers like this kid who was arrested are different from most of our kids, who have graduate degrees and successful careers and who don’t get off in a basement feeling like a gun gives them the virility they lack in other areas of their life.. Sure gun owners can be successes…and are. The responsible ones. But people who fool around with guns that are actually guns for the military, and are not for hunting or home protection are people I don’t want to live around. Or do you kill your deer with enough of a weapon that a good aim doesn’t factor in? You can shoot each other, for all I care. Go ahead and own everything you want…and hope your innocent kids and their friends don’t fool around with thrm….or that your son isn’t found in your basement with no education, future, or intelligence.

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            Hm.. struck a nerve, eh? Anyway…

            I guarantee.. I’m better educated and and better paid than you. But you presume whatever you want. Makes no difference to me.

          • x says:

            That is how it is these days. We assume pro gun people are idiots like the one that was arrested. I know they all are not…but most of us assume that Republicans who own guns are undereducated and somewhat dim…Sarah Palin gave us that poster child…. I have no need to work, so we won’t go there….and as for education, I strongly doubt it.

          • Tolerant of others says:

            All of you would be surprised at how many of your neighbors in Magnolia that you “think” you know so well, have legally owned firearms of all sorts. I’m an avid collector and firearms safety instructor here in Magnolia. I’ve met many other firearms owners and collectors here, they are a very knowledgeable, and safety minded group. I’m happy to call them my neighbors.

          • Hank says:

            The majority of guns are not used to commit crimes.

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            Agreed. Would you say the same about the place busted by the police? There are gun owners and there are gun owners. Collectors of arrow heads do not pose a threat, nor do peaceful gun collectors/users. But some unstable personalities who are also gun collectors have the ability to make terrible things happen. In countries where I have lived with strong limits on private gun ownership the murder rate is vastly lower. Go ahead, keep your peaceful gun collection. But the wackos are armed because you fight for their right to own guns too…unpermitted guns in the hands of the unstable. That is the only thing I am against.

          • louise. k. says:

            Yesterday I was hiking in Yakima with some friends near a winery. Some people who can own anything they wanted, owned guns which they used to shoot at us for fun. Over our heads, near us. We reported it to the winery, since obviously other hikers turned back. Your “anything you want” extends to jerks like this legal or unlegal gun owners acting like dimwit gun owners often do…discharging their weapons inappropriately. We figured it was dumb teenagers…but we saw a house nearby and figured it probably was the dumb owners. I will never understand why gun owners realize that maybe half their ranks are mental cases. The constitution does not guarantee gun rights in peacetime…and a peaceful hiking group, all with sufficient virility to have children, really just added to their opinion that “own anything you want” hopefully means someone hits you when you are out having fun.

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            “I will never understand why gun owners realize that maybe half their ranks are mental cases. The constitution does not guarantee gun rights in peacetime..”

            You are an idiot.

            What part of “the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” eludes you? Learn what the constitution actually represents before you shoot off about it like you’re some kind of expert.

            And what study did you get “half of their ranks are mental cases”? Either back that up, or shut your foul, ignorant mouth.

            You’re the reason women weren’t allowed to vote in this country for so many years – visceral responses with no real facts.

          • louisek. says:

            Your being under educated and a red neck shows. You could have pulled that response off until you got to the “that is why women weren’t allowed to vote..” rant So now everyone immediately rolls their eyes and realizes you are one of the crazies. A right wing nut. You are living proof of what I said in my posting. The constitution says nothing about owning guns during peacetime. It is hilarious that you would have shot back. If you had hit someone you’d be in jail and then lose all of the crap you own that you probably bought without permits anyway. I actually would love to get a coherent reply from a gun owner..but you wing nuts always blow it with the miscreant remarks (look it up).

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            Don’t tell me what response I could have pulled off or not. Sorry if I struck a nerve but you are the problem with this world – not me. Someone shot at you.. you have a right to shoot back.. And I won’t “lose all of the crap that [I] bought without permits” because the only permit I need to own a gun is the second amendment. Again you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

            The reply I’m giving you is as coherent as is pursuant to the babbling you replied to me with. IOW – I’ll respond in kind. You’re the worst kind of representation of women *and* people who are anti-gun in this world. You’re coming from fear and ignorance. You slap the causes of women like Susan B Anthony and The Suffragettes right in the face with your ignorance. You set what they stood for with regard to women back a hundred years with every stupid comment you post here. But hey.. it’s your right to be a fearful moron.

            There’s nothing in the Constitution about wartime *or* peacetime ownership of arms.. you should go look THAT up.

            BTW.. I’m not right *or* left. I’m just pro-constitution.

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            Suffragettes? Right on top of the news, are we? Just go on believing what you do, and so shall I. As they say, all the votes needed to win any election in Washington we can see from the top of the Space Needle. Half your anger is because you are basically powerless in Western Washington. Move to Idaho.

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            Yes and that voting populace has done so well for us. Crime on the rise, Bertha the tunneling failure.. Mayor McSchwinn.. the May Day Riots.. The “Occupy” vandals.. Rats writhing and dying in the streets while people walk around them and try not to notice. Meanwhile people can walk around downtown Boise at night without worrying about getting mugged.

            You’re definitely in touch with reality there, aren’t ya dolt?

            I’m not angry.. I just feel bad for idiots like you who are skipping down this primrose path to hell for Seattle – all the while you think you’re making some kind of utopia.

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            There is no work in Boise because tech industries don’t want to move there because people there are not open to different nationalities the way cities on the coast are. Plus the skinheads. That is why Seattle is growing and Idaho isn’t.

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            Wow… those are pretty bigoted comments… So much for the “party of tolerance, eh?”

          • louisek says:

            It is the truth. Boise is bigoted, or at least foreign talent thinks so, so they won’t move there. Local talent? Not a good enough school system compared to overseas. Again, just the truth. Target practice and sports may matter to you, but kids overseas do twice the homework and get the jobs that American youth cannot qualify for. No one coming from overseas (or Seattle) wants to live/work in Spokane, never mind Idaho. Where it is liberal you find openness and talent. That is why cities on the coasts prosper.

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            “Where it is liberal you find openness and talent”

            Unless you’re talking about the constitution with a left-leaning bigot.. then you have people like Louisek.

            I really wish you could read this like I am.. you sound like a total intolerant and ignorant hack.

            But as long as you’re around people who agree with your point of view that’ll be fine, right?

            BTW – there are plenty of IT shops in Boise including Adecco, Verizon, United Health, Albertons and the list goes on. You are so insanely ignorant it is truly laughable.

            Why don’t you just quit now before you sound even more ignorant?

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            See above. LIttle depots there. Not hubs. No one wants to live there because the social climate is not conducive to people from other countries, nor is the education system good enough to attract Americans who want the best for their kids. Not talking about guns now, talking why Seattle is prosperous and the areas of the country that are not liberal do not attract as much foreign talent, talent much needed to develop our cutting edge industries. You and your post regarding guns isn’t all that important..what is important is much bigger than a silly gun discussion between two people who will never agree…it is a basic understanding of why places on the coasts prosper, and conservative reactionary places do not. The kind of place you obviously want to live…and should. Conservative, reactionary states and cities are are not pointed toward the needs of the 21st century. Louisiana, Mississippi, Idaho…do not attract good jobs or good talent. Too many people who are like you.

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            Yea cupcake, you’ve got it all figured out don’t you?

            Listen up.. Seattle has crime, muggings, people urinating and defecating in the streets.. a tunneling machine that is stuck under the city that has damaged the surrounding buildings.. and rats writhing and dying on the sidewalks.

            Not to mention it’s simply unsafe to walk on the streets at night any more.

            Oh and lets not forget the May Day rioters.

            And BTW.. the better schools? Those are typically in the outlying areas.. not in Seattle or Tacoma proper themselves.

            Look.. there’s plenty to like about Washington (I’ve been here most of my life) but there’s plenty to be saddened by – much of it brought on by liberal politics (see above examples). If I could I most certainly would move some place like Boise (which is actually pretty liberal compared to much of the state of Idaho) just to be able to walk on the streets at night and not have to look over my shoulder.

            Of course you won’t get any of that because Liberalism clearly is a Mental Disorder.

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            We both are on the Magnolia Voice post, so neither of us really worry all that much about walking safely at night, now, do we? I don’t even have to lock my doors…my Magnolia neighborhood is that safe. You are right about the best schools…I had to send my kids to schools in the Bellevue district (never in Magnolia) so they could go on to become the doctor and professors they are today. All in all, Seattle has its ups and downs. But it is a bit silly to be talking how rough Seattle is if you live in Magnolia. Liberals and conservatives not working together…hey that is why our country IS a mess. People like me just cannot have a conversation with people like you. In the 50s we could have found common ground. Today? We just avoid each other in life and wind up despising each other’s points of view. This in indicative of the country and sad, but I don’t see much overlap in our convictions? Just for the record, do you also not believe in global warming?

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            I don’t despise you for having a different point of view.

            I despise you for being an idiot.

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            Ah, back to your stellar mastery of vocabulary and advanced educational background. Its ok. I don’t need you to succeed in my own life or to agree with me, and have found that ultra right wing conservatives, both rich and poor, successful and not, do fine just being among themselves, happy to keep their point of view. Small tent, as it were. Conversely, we liberals don’t much interact with right wing conservatives. It is because of that our country is polarized beyond hope. My children just roll their eyes about right wing types…and avoid them. As do I. They are the ones who hire people and who care for patients or grade their students’ college exams…and they just feel sad about the low educational level of many of the conservatives they see. Of course I expect you to disagree

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            You have no clue who I am.. what my successes have been or what the future holds for me? But I’ll give you a hint.

            How’s that cell phone of yours working? You’re welcome.

            And the reason I call you an idiot is because I know plenty of conservative doctors and lawyers and executives who roll their eyes at the sickening and bigoted trolling nonsense that idiots like you spew all day long. We don’t agree so obviously it’s the right-winger that’s got the problem. Even worse is you’re taking this entire discussion completely off topic to try to make a point that you simply cannot. Because you know nothing about me.. but you’ve pretty much put your ignorant points of view here for everyone to read. AND you’ve even said where you live and that you leave your doors unlocked at night. I hope you don’t end up on the evening news.

            Of course I expect you to disagree… you’re the left-leaning equivalent of Archie Bunker.. even worse.. because I don’t agree with your point of view, you’re completely intolerant of it and condescending to it.

            THAT is what makes you pathetic.. a waste of the air we have to breathe and an idiot. I feel sorry for your children.. for all their book-smarts I’m sure they’re just as ignorant and bigoted as you.

            Now go away troll.. I’ve wasted enough time on you. Go ahead and have the final word.. you’ll take it.. because that’s how sad you really are.

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            OK. If you have a heart attack, my daughter may well save your life. Your welcome. I’m retired…at a nice young age. I must have figured out something right…
            If you want to remain on topic: the police found an arsenal of weapons in what was thought to be a safe Magnolia neighborhood. So I am thinking that whether people are for or against gun ownership…the topic is that the police found a cache of dangerous weapons where they shouldn’t be. No one, gun lover or gun hater should be thrilled with that. Magnolia is a big place…many of us don’t need to lock our doors when we go out during the day. And many of us have security systems at night..the point being that for the most part, we choose Magnolia because it is quiet and safe. Do you not live here for the same reason? Do you want a raid like that at the house next to you?

          • Fight for Freedom says:

            There are plenty of IT shops in Boise including Adecco, Verizon, United Health, Albertons and the list goes on. You are so insanely ignorant it is truly laughable.

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            Shops, not hubs, dear. Albertson’s? are you serious? Compared to Microsoft, GenTech, Google? Salaries in Boise also reflect the small time depots there. Its not a place where big companies go for their core business, because their skilled employees don’t want to live there.

          • Hank says:

            If you want to make guns illegal, perhaps pot and obesity should be illegal as well.

          • Hank says:

            Louise – Much to your dismay. There are actually both Republicans and NRA members living in Magnolia. And you better be sitting down for this one, most likely there are gun owning democrats living in Magnolia as well.

          • disqus_Uv4Ft1ORl9 says:

            As I said, there are responsible people in both parties that own guns. But people who would shoot back when irresponsible gun owners shoot over the heads of a group hiking on public land are wackos. The wacko element aren’t the quiet law abiding people who own guns or collect guns as a hobby…they are the people who encourage their kids to use guns for aggressive expression (target practice with pictures of people, etc) Theirs are the kids who mow down people in elementary schools or have an arsenal of weapons in their basement.. that they sell to criminals. (the police weren’t there to check on their gun collection). I don’t care at about people who collect anything as long as it has no impact on my life. Aggressive people plus guns make trouble for other people, and as the right wing nut said…he has a right to own anything without a permit. Would you like someone like that or a kid of someone like that coming at you with a weapon because they were having “fun” or they were high, like the idiots who fired over our hiking group last week? Maybe they didn’t like the height of your hedge, but they never mastered talking things out…so wave a weapon? Our hiking group tried to report it at the winery where we hiked to…and the people shrugged and said “gun idiots”, so it isn’t just me. And that was Yakima. They lose business from people from the Seattle area trying to visit their winery. Shoot back? Wind up in jail for killing a 3 year old that might have been sitting next to her lame parents/brothers shooting guns off? Protect gun rights all you want, but the blood of all the innocents killed by the people who use those guns to vent their anger (and you can hear the anger in that “fight for freedom” guy) is on your hands. As for the poster below..obesity kills only the fool who becomes obese…not my problem, except for increasing my health premiums to care for them when they break down in old age. And pot? Again..if they have no impact on my life, don’t care what they do. Issues like virility (as used by freedom man) are often synonymous with men who go wild at a threat to their owning unpermitted guns. Guns and virility and sexuality. It is so obvious they are using the guns as a way to make up for their own lack of self confidence.

          • MrObvious says:

            “The constitution does not guarantee gun rights in peacetime…” Uh, that’s one silliest things I have ever read.

          • Hank says:

            jorge. You sir, are an idiot.

  2. KDrexel says:

    Yet one more good reason not to let your adult ‘kids’ move back home!

  3. Ben says:

    I hate gun.

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