Help find ?Dobby?

Posted on April 30th, 2014 by Sara

You may have noticed signs around the neighborhood for a sweet missing puppy:


On Monday 4/29 “Dobby” went missing from Magnolia on Raye and 28th Ave W. She was spotted twice on 28th Ave W on Monday evening.? She is a small dark brown chihuahua mix with tan eyebrows. She was wearing a pink collar with tags and a microchip tag.? She is very skittish, and might not let you catch her, but please call with any information or sightings.
If you know where dobby is, we are offering a large REWARD. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I just want my puppy back. Please help.

425.293.1306 or 206.718.4128

Have you seen her?

6 responses to “Help find ?Dobby?”

  1. poliTICKLING says:

    This looks like the dog:

    If so, it looks like it’s been reunited with its owner.

    • KDrexel says:

      The dog in your link doesn look anything like the missing dog, and the dog in your link is named ‘Jack’, not ‘Dobby’! Looks to me like you are trying to throw people off the right track. I wonder if politickling has the dog is his/her own backyard?

  2. Lola says:

    Keeping my eye out!

  3. Lady On Lynn says:

    Keeping my eyes open too, but hoping she was found as I saw a guy removing the posters along Condon today, May 3.

  4. Natasha says:

    My family and I have been following the saga of Dobby with hope and trepidation, and we were so happy to see today that she was found! (We’re having a celebratory dinner tonight in Dobby’s honor.)

    Does anyone know how Dobby was found? Did a kind neighbor point the way? Did she find her way home on her own? I am very curious if anyone knows.



  5. maggiegirl says:

    Has Doby indeed been found?

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