McClure PTSA hosts Dr. Laura Kastner tonight

Posted on April 22nd, 2014 by Sara

All are invited to the McClure PTSA meeting tonight to hear Dr. Kastner’s presentation?HARD WORK: Building Success with Good Habits, Wisdom and Grit.?


The first 62 meeting attendees will receive?her most recent book (Wise-Minded Parenting: 7 Essentials for Raising Successful tweens and teens) for FREE. Here’s the schedule of events:
6:00-6:30 Social time and PTSA business (budget, board elections)
6:30-8:30 Dr. Kastner presentation
HARD WORK: Building Success with Good Habits, Wisdom and Grit
Laura Kastner, Ph.D
When we envision our parenting experience after infancy, we think of cuddling with our children, enjoying books and puzzles and teaching them life skills. And then reality ensues, and we also experience rudeness, non-compliance, and down-right defiance of your reasonable rules. Yes, that is normal child development. How much should you prioritize respect, manners and chores? And how do you improve their homework and achievement habits? You know you’re supposed to give them wiggle-room for mistakes and moodiness, but still-how do you implement strategies that truly engender cooperation?
In this presentation, Dr. Kastner will review some of the “best practices” in parenting that have emerged over the last fifty years of research and highlight recent research in the field which are game changers. For instance, did you know that compared to IQ scores, self-control is twice as predictive of success in adulthood? And that trying to discipline a child in the midst of an extreme outburst will backfire, worsen your relationship and lead to poorer outcomes in their development? And if you don’t know a whole lot about the science of emotions, you’re really missing the boat!
Come join us for a stimulating discussion about wise-minded parenting strategies and the predictors of success in adolescence. Dr. Kastner will present highlights from her new book, Wise-minded Parenting, and answer your questions about any aspect of parenting adolescents.
For more information,?click here??and here.
DR. LAURA KASTNER is a clinical psychologist who has conducted research, maintained a clinical practice and presented numerous workshops for parents. She is a clinical professor in both the psychology department and the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington. In addition to her academic articles in the fields of child, adolescent and pediatric psychology, Dr. Kastner has co-authored four books: ?The Seven Year Stretch:? How Families Work Together To Grow Through Adolescence, Houghton-Mifflin, 1997;?The Launching Years:? Strategies for Parents from Senior Year to College Life, Three Rivers Press, 2003;?Getting to Calm:? Cool-headed strategies for parenting tweens and teens, ParentMap, 2009; and
Wise-Minded Parenting: 7 Essentials for Raising Successful tweens and teens,?ParentMap, 2013.
Dr. Kastner is frequently interviewed in the media and presents lectures to the public on a wide-range of family and child development topics in settings across the United States. She and her husband of 28 years have two grown children.
McClure Middle School
1915 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119

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