Frightening occupied home burglary

Posted on April 20th, 2014 by Sara

An MV tipster wrote on April 19th:

A friend of mine in Magnolia was robbed last night around 4:30am. The scariest part is that they were home asleep, both boys asleep…and the dad’s brother, his wife, and two boys were there asleep. Their car was in the car port and their second car was parked out front. Both couples woke up to the noise but figured it was the other couple doing something. The two year old woke up and started crying…the people took off then….they got in through their backdoor which is less than 30 feet from their boys room and their room.

They took all laptops, ipads, car keys, phones, and were trying to take the tv off the wall. She also heard them going through the medicine cabinet.

I don’t know much else but if you have an alarm, make sure you set it. ALL the time.

She wrote again the next day:

They came back last night and took her car even though she got it re-keyed.

A very scary incident. We are glad they are all unharmed.


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  1. Sl says:

    What location is this in?

  2. Priscilla says:

    I don’t buy it. Was this reported and verified by a police report?

    A car rekeyed on a Saturday, not impossible, coming to steal the car after when it’s been rekeyed, seems a little improbable.

    Sound like a hoax to me.

    • Valentijn says:

      Yeah, a lot of scary stories lately with no confirmation. Maybe an unethical security system salesman trying to drum up business? There’s certainly one in Magnolia who’s been a goober in the past.

      • johnny4 says:

        And which company might that be? As with the original post, it is useful to the neighborhood only if you name names. I will name a name here: If you have a plumbing problem do not call South West Plumbing. They charge twice what everyone else does. This piece of information will help someone. Please make the other postings specific enough to help.

        • Valentijn says:

          I don’t remember which company, just that he was basically a private contractor instead of an employee, and got somewhat aggressive at a crime-themed Magnolia community meeting including SPD in several years ago. He wouldn’t take no for an answer when I refused to hand along his stack business flyers to the person sitting next to me, and put them on the floor instead when he wouldn’t take them back.

          • johnny4 says:

            Thank you. I realize the MV isn’t Angie’s List, but I think we should let others know when we’ve had a bad experience. I had a terrible one with South West Plumbing. But I have had great ones with other companies…including ADT, which is the company I use for my security system, and which sends out an observer if your alarm goes off (probably retired police guy) and sees if it is an real break in and then reports it to the police then and there (useful when you aren’t home). This avoids false alarm calls to the police, which reduces their will to come. However I bet there are less expensive companies…and I’d appreciate people posting who THOSE are…

    • steve says:

      You should not be so free with your outlandish opinions… as you see, you are again wrong.

  3. Mark says:

    I can’t find anything about this and occupied home invasions are always reported on. I wonder who this tipster is?? They could clear up a lot of confusion they gave more details.

    • accuracy says:

      This was NOT a home invasion, or a robbery…it was a burglary.

      • Mark says:

        I believe it to be both. Sorry for this long response but I wanted to fully quote and give credit to the attorney that authored this…
        Telling the Difference between Home Invasion and Burglary
        Posted By Phil Brown on May 21, 2011 7:55am PDT
        When a person is charged with breaking and entering another person’s home, prosecutors frequently charge both Home Invasion and Burglary. Burglary is entering a protected structure with the intent to commit a crime inside. In contrast, Home Invasion is forcibly entering an occupied residence. To be considered “occupied” someone must live in the residence, but that person does not have to be home at the time of the offense.

        NRS 205.060 defines Burglary and states: “A person who, by day or night, enters any house, room, apartment, tenement, shop, warehouse, store, mill, barn, stable, outhouse or other building, tent, vessel, vehicle, vehicle trailer, semitrailer or house trailer, airplane, glider, boat or railroad car, with the intent to commit grand or petit larceny, assault or battery on any person or any felony, or to obtain money or property by false pretenses, is guilty of burglary.”

        NRS 205.067 defines Home Invasion as: “A person who, by day or night, forcibly enters an inhabited dwelling without permission of the owner, resident or lawful occupant, whether or not a person is present at the time of the entry, is guilty of invasion of the home.” Home Invasion requires that the forcible entry result in some form of damage to the structure.

  4. comag says:

    according to this crime report map it did happen.

    • johnny4 says:

      Confusing to read. When I put in “magnolia” and “burglary”, only two came up, one on Government way and one on Thorndyke and possible one on 37th. How do you know which was the burglary? Just post the area so this is a meaningful piece of information for the neighborhood. If it is true, condolences to the family…but what use is this post without that information?

      • comag says:

        Just select magnolia/QA and you’ll see a gray circle with the number 2 indicating multiple offenses. There’s a gray number 2 on the map along 37th south of the water tower and north of the village as indicated by the tipster. Hover over the 2 and you’ll see that one offense is for auto theft and the other for burglary. Seems pretty obvious that this is the location.

        • Observant says:

          Here’s the two results comag refers to:

          30XX BLOCK OF 37 AV W
          Occurred: 4/19/2014 4:44:00 AM
          Reported: 4/19/2014 4:44:00 AM
          GO#: 2014119715

          30XX BLOCK OF 37 AV W
          Occurred: 4/20/2014 12:00:00 AM
          Reported: 4/20/2014 8:19:00 AM
          GO#: 2014120856

        • johnny4 says:

          thanks for the exact information. The same precautions need to be taken by everyone, but it is helpful knowing if one’s neighborhood has been the target.

  5. magnolia 2 says:

    It does show a burglary and auto theft being reported. see below.
    30XX BLOCK OF 37 AV W
    Occurred: 4/20/2014 12:00:00 AM
    Reported: 4/20/2014 8:19:00 AM
    GO#: 2014120856Report
    Occurred: 4/20/2014 5:58:00 AM
    Reported: 4/20/2014 6:14:00 AM
    GO#: 2014120808Report

  6. MV Editor says:

    Dear readers,
    This is a confirmed and (sadly true) crime. It occurred on 37th.

  7. MrObvious says:

    “They came back last night and took her car even though she got it re-keyed.”

    This makes no sense. Copy/paste journalism.

  8. Tharold says:

    Two cars got busted into last last month over here on the eastern slope of
    Magnolia – one of which was owned by my girlfriend. It happened at about 4:30. To her fault, she had a lot of clutter in the car (like loose papers, clothing, water bottles) but nothing of value and they didn’t take anything.

    What’s funny is that my neighbor’s car was broken into as well
    (through the back window) and the idiot evidently left his cell phone in
    the back seat.

    We called the cops that morning and when an officer arrived, he
    apparently didn’t want to take the phone as a piece of evidence. My
    neighbor mentioned to the cop that he knew people in the wireless
    industry and could get the ownership/residence information of the idiot
    thief. Supposedly, the cop insinuated to my neighbor that if he could
    pass that information along when he acquired it, the cop would accept it
    as some sort of anonymous tip (in a wink, wink, sort of way, I guess).
    But, I believe the cop was implying that the police were not going to do
    any sort of investigation unless all of the case evidence just appeared
    out of the blue and fell into their lap.

    I guess this is somewhat disheartening for me to hear. I realize that
    there are thousands of small property crimes every month and that the
    department doesn’t have the manpower to follow up on all of these
    crimes. But wouldn’t you think that if an airtight piece of evidence,
    such as the thief’s phone, was left at the scene, the cops would take
    the issue more seriously? I mean C’MON!

    I should add that the neighborhood where I live (23rd, 24th, Bertona) has a lot of car prowls and car windows get broken all the time. If it was just one or two incidents, I could understand the police and their relative
    ambivalence toward an investigation. But my neighborhood appears to have some sort of systemic car prowling issue and this phone could be a lead to stopping a large number of future crimes.

    About a month ago, my other neighbor saw a car slowly creeping down
    23rd, with another person walking just behind it, trying all the handles
    of the parked cars on both sides of the street. She called the police
    and they never even showed up.

    BTW, we got the identity of the car prowler that has been hitting this area lately, and get this, he works as a delivery driver for the Seattle Times. He probably uses his job as a great way to case unsuspecting homes and cars. He’s also a sex offender and served 8 years in prison for rape. His name is Darroll Courtney Barlow.

    • julia says:

      If you can get his picture, and there is a way to print it out, it would be great to put on telephone poles. At the very least, did you report it to the Seattle Times?

  9. Antitheist says:

    So who did the re keying of the cars locks and did they actually do it? Sounds sketchy and perks my skept-o-meter…

    I like vigilante justice, hoping someone with an itchy trigger finger catches these these lowlife scum thieves in the act.

    Is there any sort of block watch program in Magnolia?

  10. Momtocra says:

    I was notified about the offensive and rude comments on this site assuming the post of the robbery was false. I know first hand it occurred. All of it is true. Yes the cars ignition was re keyed. They came back the next night and stole it. I am not giving any more details because this family feels violated enough. I am protecting their privacy. Thank you to those who looked up the police report. To those of you who are so sure this didn’t happen, I hope that this type of thing never happens to you or people you care about. As I wrote in my original description, if something like this happened to you around that date, I will put you in contact with the family. There is no other need for additional information than what I have given you except for pure intrusiveness.

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