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Posted on April 15th, 2014 by Sara

The sun is out and?property crime appears to be?on the rise.? We receive several emails per day about car break-ins and other odd happenings.? Here are some highlights. Please remember to lock your cars, secure your homes and set your alarms!
First, a very brazen car break-in caught on video (click on the link below). Our tipster writes:
Dear neighbors,
Again we did not lock our cars last night. This time our iPhone charges were taken. Maybe you know those people? We live on 43rd Ave W and Bertona. The recording is from April 14th, 3:10am.
Please be sure to contact the police if you know the stars of this video…
And another one from the first week of April:

Hi, we live near Lawton park/school and had our SUV broken into overnight. Garage door opener and sunglasses were taken. Our garage door was opened, but nothing taken from inside. Luckily, they did not enter our home from inside the garage.?Posting so that others in the area are aware and can be extra careful.

Finally,?this crazy incident?from the 11th:

Around 10:30 this evening, my husband was parked on the street at Met Market and as he came out of the store, a dark gray Prius drove by and an occupant hurled an orange at our car, actually breaking the front driver side light. It was driven by a teen male, with at least one other passenger. Of course, they drove away too fast for him to follow (which was probably a good thing because he is PISSED). Maybe you know who it is? I don’t expect them to contact us and fess up but I sure do think their parents should know about it.

Happy Spring!

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  1. concerned says:

    My neighbors and I have noticed (and reported) a suspicious van with blacked-out windows on our quiet residential street. There is definitely a person/persons sleeping in there. Has anyone else noticed an increase of camper vans in Magnolia? I am concerned that they are observing myself and my neighbors coming and going and that they are casing.

    • Neighbor says:

      Keep calling 911 every time you see the van (be sure you have license plate etc.) It is illegal to “camp” on the street in a vehicle, and if you call SPD in the middle of the night (set your alarm for 3AM !) when you are sure someone is sleeping in it, then SPD won’t have any excuses and should be able to find the guy even if it takes them over an hour to arrive.

    • anonymous322 says:

      Or maybe, just like you, they just want a quiet place to sleep.

      If you don’t want hem there, get the cops to tell them to move on (although 911 should be reserved for emergencies, not someone sleeping in a van on the street). Casing the place? Really?

      • 322anonymous says:

        anonymous322- what’s your address? We’ll be sure to send them your way to camp in front of your house.

  2. Observant says:

    I have definitely seen more vehicles that are camping on our streets. You can look up the license plate on the City of Seattle court site:

    Click “Vehicle” on the left and enter in the plates- if they have citations, or if the owner has convictions, tickets, any arrests in Seattle you can find it out. There was purple minivan on Thorndyke a while ago with dark windows and when I looked it up the owner had 20 something incidents numbers with the Seattle cops including assault.

    You can also report abandoned/ camped cars/van at

    Select Abandoned vehicles and fill in the data. You need an address, cross street, the vehicle license plates, color and short description of the vehicle ( minivan, Rv, 2 door, 4 door, etc.)

    You are not supposed to report until they have been parked over 72 hours, but I have learned that it can take that long for the parking enforcement to arrive, and when parking enforcement shows up, the vehicle gets another 72 hours to move. So the vehicle could be there for 6 days easily with those timelines.

  3. Valentijn says:

    The person getting in the white car looks like they weren’t wearing gloves and probably left some prints on the car door.

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