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Posted on March 17th, 2014 by Sara


by Monica Wooton

Maybe you have always wanted to write down the ?good ‘ol days? and teach those tech-savvy young?uns a
thing or two, explore your crazy Aunt Ida?s penchant for smoking cigars, or re-purpose rumpled and food stained
recipes into a cohesive family history. Maybe you do not even know where to begin or how to start
such a thing but it sounds interesting. This free, popular and fun memoir writing workshop is for you.
Participants this past fall used prompts, discussion and advice to write about their childhood and adolescent
years. Being sent to an all-girls high school and handling a date became a humorous anecdote. One
participant told of her first encounter with a stranger she met at a dance and how the first dance foretold her
fate to marry him. Another of fears visiting the basement as a child with its musty smells and old oil furnace
that had octopus arms that could ?get ya?. We heard of the oatmeal raisin cookies that one mother made that
were never good enough to get her child a much-wanted Twinkie trade in the 1960s cafeteria scene. One
writer poignantly told of being a foreigner in a land that could not understand her and the ways it affected her
early years.
Participants share their writing?with MHS Teacher Dale Forbus Hogle and enjoy the outcomes.?Seemingly simple writing prompts generated colorful and moving tales, and a receptive group helped each?other improve writing skills. The workshop is free. No writing experience necessary. We provide?prompts, inspiration and a booklet to write in.

Teacher Joely Johnson Mork and students found themselves immersed in an afternoon session of creative drafting, revising, and critiquing. They tackled fun topics and serious themes. With guidance and gentle feedback provided by society Co-President Monica Wooton and Board Members Dale Forbus Hogle and Joely Johnson Mork all published authors, those present were able to plumb memories and explore personal histories with an eye to revision on through to publication.

Call (206) 284-2430 to RSVP, Space is limited.


Saturday, March 22nd
Magnolia Branch Public Library
2801 34th Avenue West

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