Another change to Magnolia and Queen Anne Metro service?

Posted on March 11th, 2014 by Sara

Don’t miss the March 13th joint meeting of Magnolia Community Club & Queen Anne Community Council to discuss the plan to maintain bus service to Magnolia and Queen Anne. From tipster Janis:

Will Magnolia residents lose all bus service to UW? Will commuters on the west side of Magnolia have to add a half hour to their commute time? Will the east side of Queen Anne lose its bus route altogether? Will route changes and reduced hours for Magnolia and Queen Anne force residents into their cars? Is there anything we can do to save the bus service we presently count on?

The Magnolia Community Club and Queen Anne Community Council are joining together to host a general meeting on Thursday, March 13 in order to share details about the April 22 ballot measure that?s designed to maintain Metro bus service. King County Council Chair, Larry Phillips, and Metro Transit Service Planning Supervisor Martin Minkoff will present details about the funding package from 7:00 to 9:00pm at The Catharine Blaine School Cafeteria, located next to the Magnolia Community Center at 2550 34th Avenue West. All Magnolia and Queen Anne residents are encouraged to attend this meeting, and become informed about the impacts of this ballot measure.

Proposed changes to Metro bus service to Magnolia and Queen Anne that will occur without increased funding can be reviewed here.

?A stalemate in the legislature has propelled King County Executive Constantine to propose a measure to maintain funding for Metro buses. The King County Council voted unanimously to seek voter approval of the measure on the April 22 ballot. The measure will include a $60 annual vehicle fee, a sales tax increase of one tenth of a cent, and a 25 cent fare increase, starting in 2015. The fare increase will be accompanied by a low-income reduced fare of $1.25.

Founded in 1924, The Magnolia Community Club (MCC) is open to all Magnolia residents. MCC is vigilant about the quality of life in Magnolia and takes appropriate action to promote and protect the interests of the community. The Queen Anne Community Council (QACC) was formed in the 1940s to serve the needs of the Queen Anne area. Both organizations share a deep concern about transit issues and how they affect our neighborhoods, our commutes, and our traffic.


3 responses to “Another change to Magnolia and Queen Anne Metro service?”

  1. Glen says:

    The reduction in bus service within King County will have a
    negative impact on bus riders and motorists, with longer walks and waits, more
    traffic congestion and longer commutes. In some cases, complete loss of

    I am a bus driver. I?ve served this community while employed
    by King County Metro since 1976. I?ve driven city and county routes that take
    people to work, to school, to medical appointments, to sports events, to the
    grocery store or family outings, to church, or? you fill in the blanks.

    Without transit funding, service for the transportation
    needs of our vibrant amazing region will be deminished significantly. If voters reject Prop 1 Transit Funding,
    service will be cut by 17%. This is unacceptable. It would start a decline in
    quality of life for thousands of people, loss of jobs, increases in time spent in

    More taxes suck but if we don?t look out for what is
    important to us, who will?… Those in Olympia?… NOT!

    Your thoughts?

    • jennie says:

      Is it enough to just vote yes for Prop 1? I am in my 60s and used the 31 line to commute daily to UW when I returned as a student. What else can be done? I rarely go downtown unless I can use a direct bus…who wants to pay for parking….I leave my car at home. Again, what else can be done?

      • G T says:

        Jennie, email, call, write to Metro Customer Service. Also cc King county Council all to the concerns regarding your neighborhood service. Keep at it, they need to hear where they’re messin it up.

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