Traffic signals and roadwork for Nickerson and Dravus Streets

Posted on March 2nd, 2014 by Sara

By Laura at our sister site Queen Anne View

If you circle the north side of Queen Anne along Nickerson St near the Ballard Bridge, you may have noticed the roadwork underway the past couple of weeks. We just got an update from SDOT this week on the work, and there are two local projects in total ? one on Queen Anne at Nickerson, and one just over 15th Ave W?on Dravus St in Interbay ? that will include the addition of new traffic signals.

Here are the details from SDOT, along with maps:

W Nickerson & 13th?Ave W:

  • Construction underway
  • New traffic signals
  • Federally mandated Americans with Disabilities (ADA) curb ramps on each corner
  • Metro bus stop on the SW corner will be relocated to the SE corner
  • Construction is expected to be complete and signals activated by May 2014

Dravus St & 17th?Ave W:

  • Construction slated to begin mid-March; to be completed in phases
  • New traffic signals
  • Federally mandated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) curb ramps on the NW and SW corners of the intersection.
  • Curb bulb and a bike rack will be installed on the SW corner
  • Four parking spots will be lost due to improvements
  • Construction is expected to be complete and signals activated by June 2014

And, as part of the Dravus work, 17th Ave W to the north of Dravus to Bertona St will also undergo key changes related to parking and repaving:

  • New pavement striping and markings
  • Conversion of head-in parking to parallel parking
  • Street repaving
  • The ?roadway channelization? will result in the loss of approximately 8 parking spots

Per SDOT, these projects are funded by a partnership of private development mitigation and the ?Bridging the Gap? transportation levy approved by Seattle voters in November 2006.

9 responses to “Traffic signals and roadwork for Nickerson and Dravus Streets”

  1. x says:

    so, why do we need traffic signals in these locations?

    • Duh says:

      I don’t dispute that a signal is needed at that intersection, but it’s needed so that folks SOUTH of Dravus can make a left/west turn… and making 17th Ave. W one way in the wrong direction is completely useless to that end!

      • linda says:

        I live in Magnolia. Two years ago I shopped and ate in Ballard often, attracted by the interesting new restaurants, etc. I absolutely avoid the area now. With no public parking structure in Ballard and no places to park around dinner time, with the addition of all the condos, how can anyone want to put themselves through the misery of trying to get through Ballard except during the midday? I also go to LA Fitness specifically to avoid going into Ballard to any of their health clubs. Most of us go Nickerson when the Ballard bridge is backed up…sounds like that will now not be a quick option over the Fremont bridge anymore?

      • Benjamin Lukoff says:

        Exactly. Currently, when I go to the Starbucks or Red Mill and want to head back home, it’s so close to impossible turning west on Dravus that I end up heading east and turning on 14th or 13th and circling around.

        That intersection needs a signal, but making 17th one way southbound makes no sense. Is there any way we can stop this?

  2. Otter2 says:

    It must have something to do with that huge new apartment building, but that’s closer to 16th than 17th, but from the map, it could be the tenant parking will be sent to Barrett then onto Dravus. But more lights? It’s gonna be really miserable trying to get to Ballard unless the lights are perfectly synced.

  3. Raven says:

    So a light there is going to do what? Back up traffic even more across the Dravus bridge? *sigh*

  4. Emma kaye says:

    Isn’t this the same place where SDOT erased a pedestrian crossing several years ago?

  5. Bikersalad says:

    Let’s all start riding bikes!

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