Magnolia?s latest turn on the small screen

Posted on February 24th, 2014 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

Have you seen Magnolia?s newest television star? Not many have. Following a news tip, Magnolia Voice got a glimpse of the reclusive celebrity, but it took some effort. Because you?re in the know, you too can have a map to the stars. Travel south on 32nd Ave West to the park on Elliott Bay. Go west along the beach (low tide beats walking on rocks) and look on the bluff to see it ? a custom treehouse(!) with the finest panorama in the city. The structure was apparently constructed as part of a television episode of Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet.

Yes, a treehouse with two levels situated among several cottonwoods commanding a magnificent vista of the West Seattle, downtown, and the bay.

No word yet who owns it or why it was built.

Amazing detail went into creating this elaborate structure which can barely be called a treehouse. Two levels along with an observation deck complete this masterpiece on Puget Sound referred to as a ?Levitating Lighthouse? by show host and assumed builder, Pete Nelson of Nelson Treehouse and Supply in Woodinville.

Following a climb up sets of ladders to reach the stairs, one arrives at an observation deck and then into the main level. When this reporter was on-scene, the ladders were chained to make the treehouse inaccessible to the public.

Once inside, amenities include a stove, sink, and water filtration system which stores rainwater and makes it potable. The upper level has a queen-sized bed situated below a ?real lighthouse,? or so the host claimed.

Take a stroll for yourself up the beach to see our celebrity tree fort, or check out the Treehouse Masters episode here.

5 responses to “Magnolia?s latest turn on the small screen”

  1. William Bibbit says:

    Due to security issues with the location, I doubt it will last there very long…there is no way anyone can reside there for periods of more than a day, since there is no bathroom or shower facilities. I’m sure Seattle DPD will review the codes on that.. 🙂

  2. KSD says:

    Doubt if the Seattle DPD would get involved as you typically don’t need a permit for a playhouse or similar structure, which is what this structure is, so no need for a bathroom or shower facilities either.

  3. Ronnie Rae says:

    Steven Smalley, you are welcome to visit any time I am in town. We want to encourage others to follow suit in stabilizing and cleaning up this area that was all but forgotten.

  4. Jason Snider says:

    This was on Treehouse Masters.

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