Body of woman found washed ashore on Blake Island

Posted on February 2nd, 2014 by Sara

By reporter Steven Smalley

An investigation by the Port of Seattle Police continues into the death of Cottette Scotta Russell, a 46-year-old crew member with ties to the Magnolia community, who worked on a fishing trawler docked at the port.

Russell, identified by police as a resident of Brinnon, a small community near Port Angeles, apparently fell into Puget Sound where she drowned Tuesday, according to Greg Sandstrom, the Kitsap County coroner, who spoke with Magnolia Voice. Her body was found by a hiker on the south side of Blake Island.
Although there was a small bump on her head, ?It was not significant,? Sandstrom says. He states she died from saltwater drowning. The official cause of death will be determined following the complete results of an autopsy. Whether the death was accidental or suspicious is still pending from an investigation by law enforcement.
Port of Seattle Police have assumed jurisdiction for the investigation in view of the fact that the original missing persons report was taken here, according to a spokesperson from the Kitsap County Sheriff?s department.
Kitsap County has jurisdiction over the body, according to Sandstrom.
Floating in the strong current from Seattle to Blake Island, ?Is not a rare occurrence,? says the coroner. The body had not been in the water long.
Prior to her death, Russell signed in to enter the Elliott Bay Marina, but did not sign out, according to reliable sources.

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