Car prowler on 22nd

Posted on January 27th, 2014 by Sara

Brandon sent us this tip:

Just a heads up about and incident this week.

Green Toyota 4 door, License plate 513-xxx, was driving slowly south on 22nd Ave W & Dravus.? Male driver with a long beard and female passenger with sandy blonde hair both white.? They were driving very close to the vehicles, stopping, and the passenger would reach out and check if the doors on the vehicle were unlocked.? I chased them down and scared them off then called the SPD.? Hope they don?t come back.? Good reminder to lock your car.



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  1. We need more carmeras says:

    All three of my cars were ransacked less than a week ago. Something needs to be done. I reported everything, but this seems to be a regular occurence. I live right by Metro Market. Im installing a security system this week. Probably a good idea for most people, especially if you live on a corner.

  2. haditwithcarprowls says:

    Best defense is a garage. Have a garage sale, clean it out, and then use it. 🙂 An alarm does little, and you will still suffer cosmetic damage to your car from the attempt…

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